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Looking for Alternatives to US Vape Juices? Here are Top Malaysian Juices to Try in 2019

Looking for Alternatives to US Vape Juices? Here are Top Malaysian Juices to Try in 2019

Anna Hamid |

Since its inception in 2003 in China, e-cigarettes have exploded in popularity all over the world, finding fans mainly in cigarette smokers looking to beat their deadly habit.

While we can only imagine the pain of having a limited selection of e-cigarettes and vape juice flavors to choose from in the early years, these days, vapers today are lucky to have hundreds of e-cigarette brands to choose and thousands more vape juice flavors to sample from.

Though e-cigarettes were first popularised in China, China’s own vape juices have often missed the mark in terms of taste and flavor. Vapers everywhere look instead to US brand vape juices for juice with the quality they can depend on. With great flavor combinations, great packaging and marketing, e-liquid labeling standards and a large domestic market of vapers, it is no surprise that the US brewers are leading the way in e-liquids.  

As one of the pioneers of premium quality and great tasting vape juice with a large variety of flavors, brewers in the US have set the standards for what to expect from quality juices. Juices which don’t meet the minimum standards set by the top two brewers in the world get thrown in the bin after just one try.

The only problem with US juices though, is that they can be pricey and if you’ve only vaped US juices, you might start wondering what other flavors are out there in the world.

The good news is that there are a few other countries that offer juices with quality on par with US juices, and usually at cheaper prices. What’s even better is that when you step outside of the usual US juices, you’ll often find yourself surrounded by new, exotic flavors that are guaranteed to make you go Wow.

That’s because brewers usually draw inspiration for their juice flavors from the local food and tastes they are used to, often creating hybrids of trendy US juice flavors and local favorites. Even the country’s weather may play a part in how their juices are mixed!

You Won’t Regret Trying Malaysian Vape Juices

Of the vape juices brewed around the world, Malaysian vape juices top the charts when it comes to quality and taste. Most vapers who have tried Malaysian vape juices become regular vapers of it, often adding them to their collection of US juices.

Right after the US, Malaysia has one of the most active vaping communities in the world. Thanks to their tropical location, Malaysian vape juice brands are best known for their fruity flavors. Unlike fruity flavors from US brands which can often taste artificial, Malaysian fruity juices have a more authentic taste which leave people who have tried them longing for more.

Malaysian juices tend to be sweeter than US juices, an extension of how Malaysians enjoy their food and desserts. They are also often colder, owing to the hot and humid weather in Malaysia, making vaping cold juices a quick escape from the heat.

If you’re a lover of US juices but want to explore great new flavors from another country, you won’t regret trying Malaysian e-liquids. Let’s get right into it!

Top US Vape Flavors and Their Malaysian Vape Juice Alternatives

As pioneers of great quality juices, most vapers are probably already familiar with US juices. The US has the largest community of active vapers and US vape juices make up the biggest collection of juice brands in the world.

It’s likely that the first juice you tried was a US juice.

Thanks to its diverse mix of cultures, US vape juices cover a broad range of American favorite flavors, with their tobacco, creamy, pastry, candy and dessert flavors getting the most attention. If you’re looking for safe juices to try, you’re likely not going to regret buying a US brand juice.

Now, if you have tried and really loved great flavors from top US juice brands like Naked 100, The MilkMan or USA Vape Lab, you might be wondering: how does it compare to Malaysian Brands? Which brands should you try?

To make it easy for you, we’ve made a chart that compares these brands with the Malaysian equivalent brands. Here are some of the best-loved US juices and the Malaysian juice alternative we think you’ll love just as much:

If you’ve tried...

Try this..

Naked 100 American Patriots (USD16.99)

#1. Nasty Juice Tobacco Blend Gold (USD15.90)



Flavor Description:

A rich and flavourful, silky smooth and hearty tobacco with a hint of nutty almonds that presents an excellent pairing of flavours. The perfect vape for enjoying a night out. Take your vape taste buds on a cowboy ride just like the Marlboro man but without the harmful carcinogens. Satisfy your cloud cravings with puffs of rich and smooth tobacco leaves with the added kick of nutty almonds at the end.

#2. Cloud Niners Tobacco Apple (USD16.99)


Flavor Description:

Aged tobacco that is full-bodied and layered with granny smith apples results in a perfect marriage of flavours. One of our favourite Salt Nic’s here at PunkJuice, we find that tobacco vapes finished a fruity note really enhances the vaping experience. The addition of granny smith apples prolongs the taste and will leave you refilling your pod system time after time. Elevate your salt nic collection with this tobacco apple flavour by Cloud Niners. You won’t regret it.

The Milkman Strudelhaus (USD17.99)

Or, The Milkman Crumbleberry (USD17.99)

#1. ASAP Juice Caramel Churros (USD11.99)

Flavor Description:

Doughy and crispy churros drizzled with brown, gooey caramel sauce. The guys at ASAP Juice Co specialise in crazy creamy concoctions that benefit from longer steeping and bloom for maximum flavour.

#2. Pasty Treats Strawberry Cannoli (USD11.29)

Flavor Description:

Softened cream cheese, strawberries and sugar piped into lightly fried until golden brown cannoli shells. Do yourself a favour and add this to your list of "things to do to love myself". Everyone deserves a treat everyday!

#3. Fcukin Flava Cream Series White Label (USD12.49)

Flavor Description:

Pamper your cravings for a sweet dessert with decadent real vanilla-bean ice-cream scooped and served at the right temperature for your. Topped of with sweet, saucy and rich berry compote consisting of strawberries, bananas and blueberries, this complex dessert creation will coddle and spoil your lips and tongue 10x over. When you crave for a delicious and warm vape, we highly recommend this White Label creation by Fuckin Flava - it will not disappoint! Crafted under the advise of a pastry chef, Fcukin Flava’s dessert creations are our go-to creamy creations for sure!

USA Vape Lab Coffee Macchiato (USD17.99)

La Cream Creamy Tiramisu (USD13.99)

Flavor Description:

This coffee-flavoured dessert has won fans the world over for its winning combination of light, airy mascarpone cream, fluffy baked ladyfingers cake and espresso coffee. Classic and irresistible!

This is Coffee Mocha (USD9.79)

Flavor Description:

A rich, full-bodied espresso with bittersweet mocha sauce and steamed milk, topped off with sweetened whipped cream. Stay home in your pyjamas and have that fancy coffee shop latte in a bottle now!

Explore More of Malaysia’s Top Brands

If the flavors you seen so far got you feeling excited, we’ve got more! Here are five more Malaysian vape juice brands you have to get your hands on:

#1. Nasty Juice

A conversation about great Malaysian e-liquids is never complete without mentioning Nasty Juices. Nasty Juices burst into the international vape scene in 2015 with their impeccably brewed and uniquely delicious e-liquids contained in artfully designed aluminum bottles. Their juices are so good, they’ve collected awards from Vape Expos in Poland, Prague, UK, and Kuala Lumpur! Having started off with just one e-liquid line, Nasty has since grown to five delicious e-liquid lines in 2019. If you only try one Malaysian e-liquid brand in your lifetime, Nasty Juice will not disappoint!

Here are Nasty Juice’s best flavors we recommend you trying:

8 Most Popular Nasty Juice Flavors + 1 Brand New Flavor Reviewed (2019)

#2. Fantasi Juice

Malaysia's Fantasi Juice put itself on the world map of vaping by releasing its Fanta inspired fruit flavors. Through Fantasi's fruity line-up, vapers get to enjoy a taste of their favorite fruit soda flavors in a whole new way.

Though its early days were fraught with controversy for having a brand name and logo design bearing the signature design of Fanta itself, these days Fantasi has gone past being just a brand bearing people associate with Fanta drinks.

Today, Fantasi has a whole new logo and a new line-up of flavors for fans and curious vapers to sample from. Get a taste of what the rave around Fantasi is all about by checking our top Fantasi flavor picks:

Fantasi's 5 Bestselling Fruity Vape Juice Flavors Reviewed (2019)

#3. Fcukin Flava

Vapers who love authentic fruity flavors and fruity candy flavors will be no strangers to Malaysia's Fcukin Flava vape juices. They are best known for their ADV juice series featuring a range of delightfully tasty and tantalizing flavors suited for vaping any time during the day.

Since releasing flavors like Philippines Mango, Fcukin Munkey and Strawberry Jello under their ADV series, Fcukin Flava has gained massive popularity all over the world, especially across the UK, France, Germany and other parts of Europe.

Not one to back down from experimenting with new flavors, Fcukin Flava has also added the FFX Series to their juice line-up, opening a whole new range of aromatic flavors for vapers to enjoy!

If you're looking for variety, affordable and high-quality vape juices, Fcukin Flava is a must-try! Get started with Fcukin Flava's top flavors:

5 Top Fcukin Flava Vape Juice Flavors Reviewed (2019)

#4. Horny Flava

Horny Flava's signature curvaceous and colorful bottles, as well as their unique fruity flavor hybrids, make them a go-to for vapers who love conventional fruity flavor favorites as well as the adventurous vaper who enjoys exploring new flavor combinations.

Though Horny Flava boasts a smaller vape juice line up compared to big brands like Nasty, they have still been successful in positioning themselves as a highly in demand juice brand across the USA and Europe.

Best known for their Red Apple, Strawberry, Mango, and Pomberry flavors, Horny Flava is now ready to capture the taste buds of vapers with their newly released Grape, Sour Mango and Watermelon flavors. 

Explore Horny's best-loved flavors: 

Horny Flava's 5 Hottest Flavors Reviewed - Horny Mango, Pomberry And More! (2019)

#5. Cloud Niners

Cloud Niners' is Malaysia's premier vape juice made for cloud chasers with a knack for street culture. Their high VG to PG ratio and great flavors makes Cloud Niners' juices not only delectable to vape on but also great for producing big clouds.

With such flavors as Creamy Cookies, Creamy Mango and Creamy Melon, Cloud Niners' have found an ever-growing global fan base amongst creamy flavor loving cloud chasers.

Their big clouds, beautiful flavors, and graffiti-inspired bottle designs make Cloud Niners an easy favorite amongst vapers, a brand that you'll likely find in any vape shop you visit.

Discover what Cloud Niners has to offer in their collection:

Explore Cloud Niner's Vape Juice Collection now


There are thousands of vape juice brands in the world, with new ones popping up every single week not only in the US, but also countries like Malaysia where brewers pay close attention to the quality of their juices and constantly innovating and exciting their fans.

If you’ve vaped only US juices, you are potentially missing out on a great variety of interesting juices only available from Malaysian brands. Best of all, these great tasting premium juices come at more affordable prices compared with US juices of the same quality.

If you’re looking to try out Malaysian vape juices, Punk Juice stocks up on the hottest flavors!

(Hint: If you use the discount code ‘PUNK10’, you can get 10% off your first order!)

Let us know: which ones have you tried and which ones are you looking forward to try?