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December 28, 2018 6 min read

Fantasi is best known for having perfected their vape juice flavors to match that of Fanta’s fizzy fruity drinks. Vaping on one of Fantasi’s Fanta inspired fruity vape juices feels just like drinking the sweet liquid from a new can of Fanta - fruity, fizzy and absolutely delicious!

It’s no surprise that fans of Fanta’s famous fruit sodas have found Fantasi’s Fanta inspired juices an easy add to their collection of fruity liquids.

While Fantasi’s collection of less than ten flavors can look small next to Malaysian e-liquid giants like Nasty Juice, that doesn’t stop them from gaining popularity amongst vapers all over the world!

Thanks to their well-mixed juices with a pleasant balance of sweetness, fruity flavors and freshness, most who have tried Fantasi want more from Fantasi.

Fantasi’s bright, fun and colorful metal juice bottles are nostalgic of soda cans, making reaching out to a bottle of Fantasi feel like getting your can of favorite soda from the fridge.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying out Fantasi, or want to try juices from Fantasi but don’t know which to start with, you’re in luck!

We’ve spent some time reviewing Fantasi’s five popular flavors so you can get a feel of how each one would taste.

So by the end of this review, you’ll be able to pick one (or maybe a few!) new Fantasi juices to bring home today.

Excited yet? Let’s get right in:

Fantasi’s #1 Most Popular: Fantasi Orange Review (10/10)

Fantasi Grape Review (10/10)

Fantasi Apple Review (9/10)

Fantasi Mango Review (9/10)

Fantasi Lemonade Review (9/10)

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Get to Know: Normal (Low-Mint) vs Ice vs Zero Cooling

Before we jump into the reviews, we thought it would be best for us to first talk about the three cooling variants that Fantasi vape juices come in.

This will especially be helpful for you if you are particular about the coldness of your vape juices.

When you buy a bottle of Fantasi vape juice, you’ll find that it comes in three variations of cooling: Normal (Low Mint), Ice and Zero Cooling.

Here’s what you can expect from each:

Normal (Low Mint) - Fantasi vape juices of the normal variant come with a hint of mint. If you like just a bit of coolness when vaping, this juice will feel just right. If you don’t like even slight mint, however, be sure to grab a bottle with Zero Cooling instead.

Ice - The Ice version of Fantasi’s vape juices is the coldest variant. If you like cold juices, this is the variation to go for. The coolada isn’t overpowering however. They mix well with Fantasi’s flavors, producing a refreshing vaping experience. Though if you’re not used to cold juices, we’d recommend sticking with normal or zero cooling first.

Zero Cooling - This variant is all flavors and no mint. If you hate having any kind of coldness in your juice, this will be the best version to go for.

Now that you’re up to speed with the variations, let’s go to the reviews of the flavors themselves!

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Fantasi’s #1 Most Popular: Fantasi Orange Review (10/10)

“As if you’ve just drank a cold glass of fizzy orange soda”


  • Low-mint, Ice and Zero cooling variants available
  • 70VG/30PG juice
  • 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine levels available

  • Inspired by Fanta’s famous orange soda, Fantasi’s Orange flavor is its most popular one. The juice is smooth on the throat and leaves a fruity and fizzy in your mouth on inhale. On exhale, the vape leaves a nice orangey, sweet aftertaste.

    The ice version feels most refreshing, like pouring the liquid from a fresh, cold can of Fanta Orange into your mouth. This would be an excellent choice for an all-day vape for hot summer days.

    If you decide to go for the low-mint variant, expect the coldness to go down a notch, and to go to nil for the zero cooling variant. No worries though, you’ll still get all the orange flavors regardless!

    The Fantasi Orange is a must-have for vapers who have always loved Fanta Orange soda drinks or anyone who wants to have a sweet and refreshing orange flavored vape juice to enjoy!

    Get Fantasi Orange Ice here(Low-mint and Zero Cooling not available yet)

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    Fantasi Grape Review (10/10)

    “One of the best grape soda vape juices out there!”

  • Low-mint, Ice and Zero cooling variants available
  • 70VG/30PG juice
  • 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine levels available

  • Grape is easily one of the most loved vape juice flavors out there. A lot popular juice brands carry a signature grape flavor, making competition for being the tastiest in this space pretty tough.

    Even so, Fantasi’s Fanta Grape inspired Grape flavor juice has made its mark as one of the tastiest grape flavored juices in the market right now.

    Most have even compared it to Nasty Juice’s premium grape flavored Asap Grape.

    Vaping the ice variant of the Fantasi Grape juice feels like having a glass of fruity soda full of ice cubes gush down your mouth and throat. On inhale, the flavors are light and fruity and on exhale, the grape flavors are thicker.

    The overall sweetness, and grape flavors are well balanced. This is yet another recommended all-day vape, great to give you a cold boost on a hot day (if you go for the low-mint or cold variants).

    Don’t like any coolada in your vape? Stock up on the zero cooling variant instead and enjoy all the pure grape soda flavors!

    If you’re a vaper with a ton of Grape liquids in your chest already, the Fantasi Grape juice will bring your vaping experience to the next level!

    Get Fantasi Grape Ice here (Low-mint and Zero Cooling not available yet)

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    Fantasi Apple Review (9/10)

    “Light and refreshing fizzy apple… mmmm!”

  • Low-mint, Ice and Zero cooling variants available
  • 70VG/30PG juice
  • 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine levels available

  • Fantasi’s Apple is tastes of apple juice made of freshly crushed apples with fizziness added in. On inhale, you get a slightly sourish red apple taste, and on exhale, an icy cool feel if you’re going for the low-mint or cool variant.

    The Fantasi Apple is a simple and pleasurable juice to vape on. The flavors don’t come on as strong as Orange or Grape, but it’s still a sweet and refreshing juice for an all-day vape.

    Of course, you have the choice to go for the zero cooling variant if you want to enjoy the rich apple soda flavors without mint!

    We recommend this for Apple fruit flavor lovers and fruity vape juice lovers.

    Get Fantasi Apple Ice(Low-mint and Zero Cooling not available yet)

    * * *

    Fantasi Mango Review (9/10)

    “Tastes like real mango juice with soda added!”

  • Low-mint, Ice and Zero cooling variants available
  • 70VG/30PG juice
  • 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine levels available

  • The mango fruit flavor is a favorite for vapers when it comes to tropical fruits. The right mango flavored juice can feel heavenly to vape on while the bad ones often taste artificial and leave a disgusting aftertaste.

    Thankfully, Fantasi’s Mango flavored vape juice is yet another mango flavor by a Malaysian vape juice brand done right. On vaping, Fantasi’s Mango delivers a burst of flavors that taste just like juice squeezed from a real mango, with an added fizz to it to give it a mango soda taste overall.

    With the low-mint and ice variant, the thick mango flavors blends nicely with the cooling tastes, boosting its fruity flavors to make them even more refreshing. Just like downing a glass of cold mango soda!

    If you love mango flavors, you’ll know it’s not easy to come across good ones. If you’re a lover of Nasty Juice’s Cush Man Mango or Fat Boy, Fantasi’s Mango is right up your alley!

    Get Fantasi Mango Ice (Low-mint and Zero Cooling not available yet)

    * * *

    Fantasi Lemonade Review (9/10)

    “Very refreshing, thinking of getting my second bottle already!”

  • Low-mint, Ice and Zero cooling variants available
  • 70VG/30PG juice
  • 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine levels available

  • Compared with the fruit flavors above, the lemonade is a more interesting flavor from Fantasi. You would expect it to be sourish, or bitter, but it’s actually pleasantly delicious and refreshing.

    It tastes of sweet and citrusy lemonade, giving it a punchy hit on inhale. The juice is a nice balance of citrusy, sweet flavors.

    When you for low-mint or ice, you get an extra refreshing overall taste. We recommend going for the ice version with lemonade because it simply goes so well together.

    But if you still prefer your juices without the extra cold, opt for the zero cooling variant instead!

    For vapers who like their juices lemoney, cold and refreshing, you’ll love this lemonade flavor! Or even if you’ve never had any kind of lemonade flavored juices before, we think this will be a good one to start with!

    Get Fantasi Lemonade Ice (Low-mint and Zero Cooling not available yet)

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    Conclusion: Fantasi is Your Soda Vape Fix (Get Yours Now @ 10% Off!)

    Fantasi is one of the best in class for producing fruity soda inspired vape juices. Fans of Fanta soda drinks will find the taste of some of Fantasi’s most popular juices nostalgic.

    Whether with coolada or without, Fantasi’s fruity vape juices always delivers great tastes that leaves you longing for more.

    If your vape collection is full of fruity juices already, you won’t want to miss these great flavors by Fantasi!

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