WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Only 18 years and above allowed to purchase. Malaysian ID proof is needed.

Vaping Malaysian E-Liquids for The First Time: Everything You Need to Know

Vaping Malaysian E-Liquids for The First Time: Everything You Need to Know

Anna Hamid |

This is the last guide you need to read if you want to know about Malaysian e-liquids, which e-liquids to try first and how to import them securely into your country.

Introduction to Malaysian e-liquids

It’s no secret Malaysians love to vape: with over a million vapers, we have one of the world’s most active vaping communities in the world!

With so many vapers, it’s no surprise why our e-liquid brand numbers are only second to the U.S. brand e-liquids.

Not only are we beating other countries in the number of homegrown e-liquid brands our e-liquids are also some of the most loved in the world.

Take a look at what these vapers have to say about Malaysian e-liquids!

Interested to try out Malaysian e-liquids but don’t know where to get started? Well now, this guide is just the thing for you!

We will be taking a look at things like:

  • What vaping is like in Malaysia
  • The best Malaysian e-liquids you should try
  • How to securely import Malaysian e-liquids into your country
  • What to expect from Malaysian e-liquids (nicotine level, packaging, throat hit)
  • Frequently asked questions about Malaysian e-liquids

Let’s get started!

In This Guide

Overview of Vaping in Malaysia

Exploring Malaysian E-liquids

Buying Malaysian E-liquids

Understanding Your Malaysian E-liquid

Frequently Asked Questions about Malaysian E-liquids

Conclusion: Malaysian E-liquids are Worth Trying

Glossary: Explore Malaysian e-liquid Brands

Overview of Vaping in Malaysia

At the moment, vaping remains largely legal in Malaysia. This means you won’t get fined or jailed for vaping in public. However, e-liquids sold legally are limited to the 0mg variety only.

Thanks to unconfirmed effects of vaping on long-term health and debatable alternative as a smoking cessation tool, vaping threads a fine line in Malaysia.

As such, the status of vaping in Malaysia hangs in the air as local health authorities remain divided about the health benefits of vaping, particularly as an aid for smoking cessation.

What Malaysian Health Authorities Have to Say About Vaping

Like a lot of vapers everywhere, ex-smokers make up the majority of Malaysian vapers. Most of whom have not touched a cigarette since they picked up vaping.

Although many of these ex-smokers attribute their quitting to e-cigarettes, there are mixed reactions to the effectiveness of vaping as part of a long-term plan to quit smoking.

Quit smoking clinics conducted nationwide usually don’t recommend vaping as an option for smoking cessation.

In one such clinic, a nurse recommended vapers to quit both smoking and vaping, recommending the age-old nicotine gum chewing method instead.

Whether this changes in the near future remains unknown.

Notable News about Vaping in Malaysia

These are some notable news about vaping in Malaysia that are shaping how the government will regulate and will determine the status of vaping in Malaysia.

Here is some notable vaping news in the country:

January 2018:

Police, pharma raids hit every Malaysian vape shop

October 2018:

Malaysia: Nicotine-Free E-Liquids Exempt from Vaping Ban

Vape, shisha add to smokescreen in the anti-tobacco campaign, says expert

Exploring Malaysian E-liquids

Behind The Tastes: Inspiration Behind Our Unique Flavors 

Even before vaping ever picked up steam, Malaysia has already made its mark in the world in a lot of ways.

Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur raced ahead of 175 countries to become the 7th most visited destination in the world, 3 years in a row since 2015. If you’re an avid traveler you might have already been here at least once!

One of the things that draw tourists into Malaysia is its food. Malaysia is probably one of the few places in the world where you can get Indian, Chinese, Malay and even ethnic food… all in the same row!

Our food is so good, even the late Anthony Bourdain had to fly all the way to Malaysia just to get an authentic taste of one of our most famous dishes: a rice-noodle dish in spicy coconut broth called Laksa.

In 2005, the late world famous chef got his first taste of laksa, fell in love with it and had to come back again to have it again ten years later in 2015!

This delicious dish was even ranked by CNN as the #7 on the World’s 50 Best Foods list. You could say, having good food has just become something Malaysians come to expect from living here.

Not only do we make yummy noodle soup Malaysia is also home to the juicy tropical mango and the pungent Durian, both fruits equally loved by Malaysians.

When we are done sampling our laksas and fruits, Malaysians make time for some supper in night markets where we get to choose from an array of sweet, sour, spicy, and creamy supper food with our family and friends.

In the vaping community, this unique blend of cultures, tastes, sights, and sounds has translated into an interesting array of flavors found nowhere else but Malaysia.

So when you vape Malaysian e-liquid, you get a taste of a fusion of cultures, traditions, and tastes. Learn more about why people all over the world are loving Malaysian e-liquids here:

10 Reasons Why Vapers All Over The World Love Malaysian Eliquids (Hint: Having a Great Price is Only One Reason)

Like vapers from all around the world, Malaysia’s vaping community is packed with vapers from all walks of life with their own preferred vaping style.

Although Malaysian e-liquids are best known for its authentic fruity taste and sweet e-liquids, our e-liquids flavors are broad enough to have every kind of vaper covered.

We have something for the cloud chasers who like putting on a show in front of an audience. For those who prefer to stealth-smoke, quietly enjoying the throat hit like a normal menthol cigarette, we’ve got a nice selection for you too!

Here are our most popular and interesting e-liquids we recommend!

For the fruit lovers:

Browse our popular Mango flavor collection

For the cloud chasers:

Take a look at out popular Max VG e-liquids

If you’re feeling adventurous, you will be amazed by the tastes here:

10 Unique Must-Try Malaysian eLiquid Flavors

Choosing The Right Malaysian E-liquid

If you’ve never tried Malaysian e-liquids before, choosing the first few to try out can be a daunting experience.

Fret not though! We’re here to guide you to pick the best e-liquids based on what you already like.

Here are our recommendations based on your preferences:

Fruit flavors are your go-to

Fruit flavors are probably one of the most loved vape juice flavors in the world. But did you know: Malaysian fruity e-liquids have one of the most authentic tastes!

End your search for a great-tasting fruity e-liquid which taste like actual fruit by browsing our collection of popular fruit flavors:

Browse our Mango e-liquid collection

You can’t live without your Max VG Liquids

Cloud chasers have plenty of company here in Malaysia. If you love crafting your own Max VG juices or stashing a few favorites on standby, you won't be disappointed by what Malaysian e-liquids have to offer you.

Big on taste and even bigger on clouds, you'll have to try hard not to get another one after you try it for the first time!

Become a fan for life:

Cloud Chasers Alert: The 10 Best Malaysian eLiquids You Should Try for Clouds and Great Taste

You’re a menthol-loving ex-smoker

If you've always loved menthol cigarettes and can't live without your menthol favorites, our icy cool e-liquids will leave you wanting more.

Check out our best selection of menthol e-liquids from Malaysia:

Browse Our Iciest Malaysia E-liquids Collection

Ready to give Malaysian e-liquids a go? Use our code 'PUNK10' on checkout to get 10% off your first order!

Buying Malaysian E-liquids: All You Need to Know

Where to Buy Malaysian E-liquids in Malaysia

Malaysian e-liquids are usually found in specialized e-liquid stores dotted all over Malaysia. If you happen to be traveling in Malaysia, you won’t be in short supply!

If you are looking for a brand you can recognize, Vape Empire is Malaysia’s largest vape chain with over 100 outlets across West Malaysia.

Find out where you can stock up through Vape Empire in Malaysia here.

Where to Buy Malaysian E-liquids Online

What if you don’t live in Malaysia and won’t be coming here anytime soon? How will you buy your Malaysian e-liquids?

While Malaysian e-liquids are available off the shelf in some countries, it’s pretty rare.

Even if the stores carry the flavors, they will only stock up on a few more popular flavors, leaving the rest out.

The best way for you to buy Malaysian e-liquids and get access to a full range of brands if by buying online from a Malaysian e-liquid supplier.

While it can feel risky to buy your e-liquids online, you can greatly reduce your risks by buying from a trusted, premier supplier with a good track record.

Yes, we (Punkjuice) may be a little biased here but we do think we are one of the best prices and service in the Malaysian e-liquid market right now.

If you’re willing to give us a shot, here’s a cool 10% off your first order! Just key in ‘PUNK10’ to get your discount!

Go on, we’re pretty sure you won’t regret it!

How Much Do Malaysian E-liquids Cost?

Great, affordable prices are one of the most loved things about Malaysian e-liquids.

With Malaysian e-liquids, your dollar goes further (yes, even after including shipping!) and that means you can enjoy more e-liquid for less money.

Here’s what you can expect to pay for your e-liquids from Malaysia: 

E-liquid Type

Malaysian E-Liquids Price Range (USD)*

USA E-Liquids Price Range (USD)

Top-tier, premium e-liquids (60ml and 100ml serving size)



Nic Salts (30ml) serving size



You can literally buy a few bottles of high-quality Malaysian e-liquids for the price of just one US e-liquid!

The savings you make really stack up over time. As an example, if you purchase the following supply of e-liquids:


Malaysian E-liquids

(@ $10.99 average price)

USA E-liquids

(@ $17.99 average price)


4 bottles



$28 less

8 bottles



$56 less

12 bottles



$84 less

Overall, you pay 39% or close to 40% less for Malaysian E-liquids.

Expected Shipping Times into Your Country

Now, one of the biggest questions you hand in your mind right now is… How long can you expect to get your e-liquids?

We know you want to get your e-liquids as soon as possible. So here’s what to expect after you place an order with us:

If you use express mail, it will generally arrive within a week.

But even if you pick the cheaper airmail option, you’ll still be able to get your e-liquids within 3 weeks! That’s because we use premium airmail that ships your product more quickly than normal airmail. We also recommend premium airmail as it is guaranteed delivery 99.9% of the time.

Find out more about the shipping times by referring to our shipping and delivery guide.

Important: Regulations You Need to Know Before Importing E-liquids Into Your Own Country

Understanding the regulations surrounding vaping is important for any e-liquid buyer.

As these regulations are constantly shifting, it is recommended for you to check the regulations in your own country before you make a purchase online. This will give you a good idea of what to expect when you import e-liquids from outside your own country.

If you aren’t yet aware of the regulations surrounding vaping in your country, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of the laws and regulations around e-cigarettes and e-liquids in most countries with an active vaping community. Check it out below:

Importing Malaysian E-liquids into Your Country: E-liquid Regulations You Need to Know About and Some Tips on Importing

After Making a Purchase: Understanding The Details on Your Malaysian E-liquid

Malaysian e-liquids may have a different packaging, look, feel and taste compared to what you are used to.

Below, we’ll help you navigate your way around some of the things you might find confusing about your e-liquids.

What's on the Packaging?

#1. Missing Nicotine Level Information

Thanks to the muddy regulations surrounding vaping and e-liquids, the packaging on Malaysian e-liquids can get a bit confusing.

Not clearly specifying nicotine levels on the e-liquid packaging is one of the most common problems you'll come face to face with. This is done by brewers in an attempt to evade confiscation during occasional raids at local vape shops by health authorities.

Although these raids are largely for show and posture, they do disrupt local vape businesses and can cause some losses in the short-run.

What this means is that the nicotine level indicated on the e-liquid you buy may not be reflected on the packaging.

Instead, many brewers only indicate the nicotine level with words like ‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’. Generally, ‘low’ means 3mg, ‘medium’ is 6mg and ‘high’ is 12mg.

However, some brewers have especially changed their packaging to cater to the international market where the nicotine level is clearly stated.

Nonetheless, if you are buying from a premium online supplier, they'll make sure you get the right level.

#2. Bad grammar on packaging (occasionally)

While English is widely spoken and taught in schools in Malaysia, for some, speaking and communicating in their native tongue is much preferred.

This is why you'll find grammatical errors on the packaging sometimes. So if you happen to get one with this problem, know that bad copy on the outside doesn't mean bad juice on the inside.

Our brewers more than make up for their occasional poor grammar with their superior tasting e-liquids and beautiful artwork on the juice bottles.

Finally, although packaging standards in Malaysia for e-liquids have come a long way, it's still a work in progress and there is still much room for improvement.

So, stick with us while we get there, why don't ya?

Taste: How is it Different?

#1. Stronger throat hit on lower nicotine levels

For some vapers who are used to say US e-liquids, vaping Malaysian e-liquids can deliver a stronger throat hit.

It does take some time to get used to, so if it is too strong for you, you might want to get one with a lower nicotine level to start off with.

#2. They are usually sweeter

Malaysian e-liquids are known to be some of the sweetest in the global market. This is a reflection of the tastes that are common in Malaysia.

#3. They are also cooler

Maybe because it’s so hot here in Malaysia, so most e-liquids brewed by Malaysians are cool to overcome the hot temperatures here.

However, many brewers have evolved their products for the international market and now produce zero-cooling e-liquids.

Frequently Asked Questions about Malaysian E-liquids

Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Malaysian e-liquids.

Q: Are the ingredients inside them safe?

A: Malaysian brewers use the best quality ingredients sourced locally as well as overseas.

The propyl glycol and vegetable glycerin used in Malaysian e-liquids are supplied by large Malaysian conglomerates that source, manufacture, test and supply these key ingredients domestically as well as to the rest of the world.

99% of Malaysian brewers use palm oil derived glycerin because Malaysia is the second largest producer of palm oil globally.

The specifications and quality levels can all be customized and are controlled by these companies which are a huge advantage.

In terms of flavor ingredients, Malaysian brewers import the flavors from US and Swiss manufacturers in addition to local GMP manufacturers.

So yes, you can be assured that our ingredients are safe.

Q: How will Malaysian e-liquids affect my coils?

A: Some Malaysian e-liquids reported effect your coil and require your re-wicking.

Q: What are the nicotine levels available for Malaysian e-liquids?

A: You can get e-liquids at 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg nicotine level.

Q: How different do Malaysian e-liquids taste from US e-liquids?

A: They tend to be sweet and cooler. But to cater to the international market, many brewers have also developed products to be less sweet and zero cooling.

Q: How should I store Malaysian e-liquids?

A: E-liquids from Malaysia can be stored in the same way you store any other e-liquid.

That’s because the base ingredients for most e-liquids are the same and would respond similarly in different temperatures and humidities.

It is always advisable, however, to store your e-liquids in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Q: Can you do tricks with Malaysian e-liquids?

A: Absolutely! Just be sure to pick an e-liquid with high VG! Here’s our recommended e-liquid for big clouds.

Conclusion: Malaysian E-liquids are Worth Trying

Malaysian e-liquids are making big waves in vaping communities around the world. We’ve captured the hearts of vapers all over the world with our unique flavors, authentic tastes and interesting background.

From adventurous flavors like the pungent Durian flavor to fruity favorites like Mango flavors, Malaysian e-liquids indeed have a lot to offer!

Though it can be tough to locate e-liquids in your country, luckily you can get them straight to your doorstep from a trusted online supplier (like Punkjuice).

Malaysian e-liquids can look and taste different from what you are used to, but once you understand why, you can sit back, relax and just enjoy them.

This is all just to say: if you have been thinking about trying Malaysian e-liquids, go for it!

Get a nice discount on your first order with Punkjuice using this code: PUNK10!

Glossary: Explore Malaysian e-liquid Brands

Want to explore more?

Here is a comprehensive list of all the Malaysian e-liquid brands based on their popularity and their 3 most popular flavors.

Use this guide and start exploring!