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9 Unique Must-Try Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

9 Unique Must-Try Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

Anna Hamid |

With thousands of e-liquid flavors to choose from, you are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to filling up your empty e-cig tank with something new.

Right now, you might have already tried all the popular flavors like mango, blueberry, watermelon and so on, and you’re getting a bit bored. You might be looking around, asking your friends and searching online for what other, new, exotic flavors you can try out.

The good news is your search can now come to an end.

At Punkjuice, we’ve compiled ten unique Malaysian e-liquid flavors you must try. If you like exploring far beyond the standard e-liquid flavors, you’re in for a treat.

These e-liquid flavors are going to feel fresh and new, sending you to new places you’ve never been before.

We’re sure these will bring your e-liquid experience to a whole new level.

Let’s check them out!

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#1. Durian Fruit Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavor

#2. Lassi Drink Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

#3. Sirap Bandung Drink Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

#4. Buah Lai (‘Yellow Pear’) - Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

#5. Pineapple Tart Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

#6. Apambalik Malaysian E-liquid Flavor

#7. Red and Green Bean Soup Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

#8. Mango Sticky Rice Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

#9. Yam Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

#1. Durian Fruit Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavor

durian fruit inspired eliquid flavor

We’re starting this list off with one of the most infamous fruits in Malaysia, and arguably around the world, for its pungent smell.

To people who can’t stand it, durian has “the smell of turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock”.

If this sounds disgusting to you, hear us out here: not everyone thinks durian stinks.

In Malaysia, durian is actually one of the most loved fruits, so much so it has been dubbed ‘The King of Fruits’. Every durian season you’ll see Malaysians gathered at fruit stalls, devouring at least an entire fruit a person.

The creamy texture and unique flavor make it very tasty to most Malaysians.

Now, you can try out this unique fruit flavor from Malaysia when you e-liquid. Be warned though, the pungent smell you release on exhale isn’t for the faint-hearted!

Try out these durian fruit inspired e-liquid flavors (if you dare!):

#2. Lassi Drink Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

lassi drink inspired eliquid flavorImage source

Next up in this list is the Lassi Drink.

Lassi is a popular drink and a product of the Indian community in Malaysia. It is a yogurt-based drink with a milky, sourish taste. The most common type of Lassi here in Malaysia is the Sweet Lassi, made with sweet fruits like mango and strawberry.

As an eLiquid flavor, the lassi is sweet and delicious, with a bit of menthol.

If you love sweet e-liquid flavors, we think you’ll definitely enjoy the lassi inspired e-liquid flavors from Malaysia!

#3. Sirap Bandung Drink Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

sirap bandung drink inspired eliquid flavorImage source

Third up on the list is the Sirap Bandung drink inspired e-liquid flavor.

The Bandung drink is a sweet, flowery tasting drink that can be served with or without condensed milk and is often served at Malay weddings and festivities. While popular within the Malay community, the Bandung drink is enjoyed by everyone in Malaysia.

Turned into an e-liquid flavor, the Sirap Bandung inspired e-liquid flavor is sweet, refreshing and tasteful.

If you love sweet, flowery e-liquid flavors, you’ll be in for a treat with Sirap Bandung drink e-liquid flavors!


#4. Buah Lai (‘Yellow Pear’) - Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

buah lai fruit inspired eliquid flavorImage source

Buah Lai is another well-loved fruit native to Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Better known as the ‘Yellow Pear’ in the English-speaking community, Buah Lai is a crunchy, mildly sweet fruit which is often eaten as a snack. The Buah Lai is also a common feature in homes during Chinese New Year.

If you like pears, this will be a unique twist to the flavor:

#5. Pineapple Tart Cheese Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

pineapple tart inspired eliquid flavorImage source

The Pineapple Tart is a popular treat served by the Chinese and Malay community during festivities like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. With a crunchy and buttery outside and a sweet and chewy and fruit inside, this treat is a both fruity and buttery.

If you love a fruity, buttery and sweet tasting e-liquid, Pineapple Tart flavored e-liquids could be right up your alley!

Here are some you could try:

#6. Apambalik Malaysian E-liquid Flavor

apam balik inspired eliquid flavorImage source

The Apam Balik is a street delicacy popular in night markets all over Malaysia. Generous sprinkles of crushed peanut, sugar and butter are rolled inside of soft pancake. Every bit is a burst of nutty, sweet and butter.

If the combination of sweet, nutty and buttery is what you enjoy, you are in for a treat with the apam balik e-liquid flavor!

Check them out here:

#7. Red and Green Bean Soup Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

Red and green bean soups are after meal dessert enjoyed by the Chinese community of Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Loved by Malaysians of all ages, red and green beans are boiled and served in a lightly sweet clear soup, sometimes with sago seeds or glutinous balls. The soup can be served hot or cold.

If you have a thing for lightly sweet and flavorful e-liquid flavors, you will enjoy the taste of red and green bean soup inspired e-liquids!

#8. Mango Sticky Rice Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

mango sticky rice inspired eliquid flavorImage source

Mango Sticky Rice is one of the most popular staples in Thailand. Steamed, overnight rice drizzled with sweet coconut cream or syrup and roasted sesame seeds or mung beans is served with cut mango. Some people have compared the taste of Mango Sticky Rice to rice pudding.

As an e-liquid flavor, the Mango Sticky Rice is delightfully sweet with hints of mango, coconut, and rice.

If you like something sweet with a burst of flavors, we think you’ll enjoy this one.

Here is a mango sticky rice inspired e-liquid flavors you might enjoy:

#9. Yam Inspired Malaysian E-liquid Flavors

The purplish, aromatic and strongly flavored yam makes it a popular food ingredient here in Malaysia.

They are used to make traditional yam sweet cakes, street snacks, desserts and as part of savory dishes. Yam is definitely one of the most recognisable and loved vegetables in Malaysia!

Get your dose of one of our favorite vegetables right here:


There you have it - unique flavors in Malaysia and Southeast Asia!

Tell us in the comments below: Which ones have you tried? Which ones would you like to try?

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