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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Naked 100 Max 4500 Disposable Pod

Rated 4.1 out of 5
Based on 9 reviews

Note: Naked 100 Max Disposable pod purchases must not be combined with purchases of any e-liquid or nicotine salts. Please purchase Naked 100 Max Disposables separately in a separate order from all liquids. This is due to international battery regulations.  

Kindly note that there are NO returns, replacement or exchanges on disposable vape devices for any reason, defective or otherwise.

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Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod Q & A

How many puffs are there in the Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod?

The NKD 100 Max features a 500mAh internal battery and 10ml juice capacity, to give you 4,500 puffs.

Can you charge Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod?

No, the NKD 100 Max disposable is non-rechargeable. When the battery is done, simply dispose of the device and open a new one. You will see a flashing light that indicates that the battery is dead.

How much nicotine is in Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod?

5% or 50mg of salt nicotine

How long will the Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod last me?

It could be 7 days, 14 days or even a month. Assuming an average daily puff of 100 puffs, it can last you 45 days. It largely depends on your personal usage.

Can I Refill the Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod?

No you cannot. The devices comes with 10ml of pre-filled e-juice. Once you have run out, discard and open a new one. 

How will I know when e-juice is finished?

When you stop tasting any flavour or when the flavour tastes a little iffy or burnt. It likely means you have finished the e-juice and its time to open a new one.

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Flavour Descriptions of Naked 100 Max 4500 Puff Disposable Pod:


Custard Tobacco

Classic vanilla custard, rich with oozy flavours mixed with a pleasant and complex tobacco. Satisfy your tobacco craving today with this one.

Raspberry Pomegranate

A sweet and sour fruity raspberry with a light touch of pomegranate to enhance the tropical vibe of this one. Raspberries and pomegranate make a great combination for sure. A thirst quencher if you ask us!

Fruit Cereal

Classic fruit loops cereal with a tall glass of milk. Just like the real thing with an uncanny resemblance

Brain Freeze (Strawberry Pom) Ice

Smother your mouth with sweet aromas of strawberry, pomegranates and kiwis. One of the most popular flavours and original flavours to every come out from Naked 100 that remains popular til today.

Watermelon Ice

Juicy and aromatic watermelons thats simply mouthwatering to keep you coming back from more. It's so easy to choose this instead of  ciggies when you vape this one all day. 

Peach Mango Ice

Just when you get bored of vaping whichever flavour you're on at the moment, this peach and mango is ready to distract and refresh your tastebuds with its bone chilling menthol and vibrant fruity combination. Sweet peaches and mango makes for an excellent combination that we know you'll soon see as a favourite.

Blueberry Lemon Ice

When we vape this one, we cant help but marvel at the clarity of taste. There is no two ways about it - you get subtle yet clear flavour of sweet blueberries, and a dash of tangy lemons that's balanced perfectly with a background of cooling and refreshing menthol to boot. A thrilling vape from the first puff onwards.

Apple Ice

The obvious tangy green, granny-smith apples dominates this mixture that is just begging for a puff. This apple is like an apple-cooler mixture with its mixture of crisp apples and dose of menthol.

Lava Flow

Sit back in your lounge chair and relax with this extraordinary mixture of strawberries, pineapples and a touch of coconut to take your to a tropical island. This is a delicious and award winning flavour by the people at NAKED 100 and a must-try for all. 

Cherry Lemon Ice

One of the most groundbreaking flavours we have tried from Naked 100. The originality of this flavour is hard to describe. It's like a sweet lemonade flavour with a unique and uncommon cherry blend in the background that elevates this clearly out of the ordinary. When you want a truly original blend - go for this cherry flavoured one.

Guava Berries Ice

Just when you thought that vaping fruity flavours was getting boring, reset your tongue with this enriching and complex blend of green guava. Guava just brings a unique aroma with heavy tropical vibes to deliver a flavour sensation that will wet your appetite. The dash of mixed berries in the mix adds a nice subtle touch. A mentholated blast at the end will also cool you down. 

American Patriot

Extinguish your craving for tobacco with this hand cut tobacco, deep and rich with a hint of very mild sweetness. Incredible with a full-bodied taste with a tinge of bourbon like richness, made for experienced tobacco users and amateurs alike.

Hawaiian POG

Passionfruit, Orange and Guava make up this trifecta of rich fruits known as Hawaiian POG. On the inhale, let the sappy juice-rich orange flavour glide across your tongue followed by tart and tangy passionfruit. The sweetness of guava adds un unmistakeable tropical fruit vibe to this vape. So easy to love.

Grape Ice

Naked 100 is testing the boundaries of what a grape vape should taste like and Grape Ice does not disappoint. With its unique aroma that's light, fruity and tasty, you can't go wrong with the quality of this grape inspired flavour by Naked 100.

Arctic Air

Envelope your mouth and nostrils with this frosty and cold offering known as Arctic Air. What a suitable name for a straight up mint flavoured vape with a nice mentholated boost on the exhale. Bone-chilling for the people that really enjoy their menthol cigarettes, this makes a great substitute for that. 

average rating 4.1 out of 5
Based on 9 reviews
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67% of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend
9 Reviews
Reviewed by Victor Arvid H.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 4 out of 5
Review posted


its has a kind of pine flavour in the beginning but it gets better over time

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Reviewed by Radima M.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 4 out of 5
Review posted

good flavour,

good flow as well

Was this helpful?
Reviewed by Prakesh, from Australia
Verified Buyer
Rated 3 out of 5
Review posted

3 Stars

arctic air is very cold..almost too cold for me. i still prefer the non disposable type of salt nicotine rather than this.

Was this helpful?
Reviewed by Indera, from Malaysia
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted


Sedap dan mantap. Rasa top yang menjadi kegemarun ku. Recommend bluberry lemon

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Reviewed by Alvin, from United Kingdom
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted


Compact design and stylish. the device is a little too shiny and glossy for me. But who cares, the taste is excellent (tried lava flow and watermelon). I dont expect anything less from naked100.

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