CloudyOFunky Brew

CloudyOFunky Root Beer Float Original

An impeccable root beer float poured over two scoops of rich vanilla ice cream. Rootbeer is a popular flavor loved by many vapers but it strikes us as alarming how many brewers get it wrong. We have tried many rootbeer flavors that taste too chemically or too sweet. Trust us, this is NOT one of those types!

This root beer ejuice is fizzy and sparkles with an ice cool sensation on the first hit. The exhale is where it really shines as you get that nice sassafras flavor resembling notes of vanilla, molasses and cinnamon. Not only that, you'll also experience a milkshake thick hit of vanilla ice-cream (not milk). Fresh and creamy with sassafras flavor that sparkles, we love this brew by CloudyOFunky.

Mix the included 5ml of extra chilling agent into the main flavour bottle for a stronger cold sensation! Satisfaction and pleasure in every puff. 

70vg30pg, Medium Throat Hit, Mild Sweetness.