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The Lunatics Vape Juice

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1) The Lunatics - Mango (Mempelam)

Introducing Mango Mempelam by The Lunatics—a delightful mango fusion that combines sweet and tangy notes, layered with the rich aromatic essence reminiscent of the local "mempelam" fruit. This vape offers a lush and velvety texture, delivering a robust and unmistakably bold mango flavor that truly stands out. On the exhale, a refreshing medium mint sensation briefly coats your throat, providing a cooling effect that vanishes within moments. If you're a fan of mango, Mango Mempelam is a must-try for enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary mango vaping experience.

2) The Lunatics - Mempelam - HTPC

Vape Syndrome proudly introduces their iconic formula that swiftly captured the spotlight—a delectable blend featuring the luscious and tangy essence of thick mangoes, commonly known as "mempelam." This exotic mango variant offers a unique and gratifying mouthfeel, characterized by its delightful sour undertone and an exceptionally profound mango flavor.

The Lunatics Mempelam distinguishes itself among mango e-liquids not by its sweetness, but by the artful equilibrium it achieves between richness, aroma, and a touch of sourness, perfectly harmonizing with its inherent sweetness. Now available in an enhanced HTPC formulation for a more robust throat hit, coupled with an 18mg nicotine content to provide a buzz-worthy vaping experience.

3) The Lunatics - Super Grape

This bottle of e-juice from The Lunatics releases a delightful grape nectar that strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and lightness. It embodies a genuine, true-to-life grape flavor that stands out with its combination of juiciness, richness, and a hint of sourness—all in a single vape. It's an experience that's hard not to appreciate.