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Steam Queen Juice

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A long journey began from selling vape devices and e-liquids door to door, which unexpectedly grew into something much bigger. SteamQuen Juice's founder, Bimo Anggaraputra, saw the business potential of the vape world in 2013. He started trading vape with just a backpack and his products, reaching out to various people at the time. Introducing vape innovation as an alternative to quitting smoking became an attraction due to the various flavor options offered. In this year, he also began learning and producing eliquid. Seeing the continuous growth potential in the vape industry, Bimo Anggaraputra took a bold step in 2014 to establish a Vapestore, and the SteamQueen product was born.

Review of the best selling Steam Queen Juice E-liquids

1) Oat Drips - Original V1 - Salt 

Oat Drips offers a delightful combination of pure, fresh milk and a luscious layer of earthy oats, crafting an unmissable vaping sensation. This rendition is the nicotine salt iteration of their incredibly delicious oat and milk blend. Each draw immerses your taste buds in the delectable fusion of savory oats and creamy milk. Expect dense clouds, a robust flavor profile, and a satisfying nicotine kick.

2) Oat Drips - Mung Bean V2 

Steam Queen Juice's Mung Bean Oat Drips introduces a delightful amalgamation of wheat porridge, mung beans, and milk. This blend offers an exceptional choice for vapers looking to venture into the realm of the newest flavored e-liquids, drawing inspiration from the Asian peninsula's distinctive palate. This vape juice tastes simply wholesome and rich with its blend unique tasting savoury type flavours.

3) Oat Drips - Future Series V6 - Salt

Savor the classic pairing of traditional oats and succulent strawberries through the Oat Drips Future Series. Artfully created by Steam Queen Juice Indonesia, this refined concoction encapsulates the soothing essence of oats, harmoniously blended with the invigorating sweetness of ripe strawberries. Immerse yourself in the symphony of flavors, as the velvety oats seamlessly mingle with the zesty allure of strawberries, crafting an utterly gratifying vaping sensation.