WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Only 18 years and above allowed to purchase. Malaysian ID proof is needed.

The Salt Nic Revolution in Malaysia 2019

The Salt Nic Revolution in Malaysia 2019

Anna Hamid |

The Salt Nic Vaping Revolution in Malaysia 2019

Following from the Malaysia International Vape Summit 2019 (MIVAS 2019) held on 30-31 March 2019, we can see that the emerging trend in the vape scene in Malaysia is revolving around one single product type - Nicotine Salts.

If you don’t know what are Nicotine Salts and if it’s right for you, you can see our earlier article Nicotine Salts: What is it?”.

But in short - nicotine salts are e-liquids that contain a higher nicotine concentration and delivers a greater and smoother nicotine hit and is typically vaped using pod devices.

The trend of the JUUL style devices (aka POD devices) are making big waves in the country. People are adopting these pod devices due to the convenience and overall ease of use. No messing about with coiling, replacing the cotton, cleaning the tank. Just purchase the pod cartridges, install it, top up with some liquid and you’re done. We see not only smokers making the switch but many vapers also now use this device in addition to their mod style devices. As they say, convenience is king.

Many brands were showcasing their own pod devices at MIVAS 2019. Nasty Juice showcased their NCIG pod device, Medusa Juice had testers for their MEDPLUS pod device and Horny Flava highlighted their Kracksman pod devices too. All their devices utilise their own custom prefilled cartridges that are replaceable after use. Mostly, they keep to what they know and introduce the salt nic version of their popular freebase flavors.

Some other brands (among dozens) that were launching their new Salt Nic’s at MIVAS were:

  1. The Fog Clown introduced their new salt nic line up with 7 in total (MOFO Series, Coffee Series, Checkmate Series) all in 10ml with 35/50mg variants
  2. Nasty Juice highlighted their sub-brands - Cali Salt, Juicy Salts, Strangr Juice and Bastard Juice 10ml with 35/50mg variants.
  3. Fcukin Flava introduced more flavors to their existing Nic Salt line which they have 6 in total. All in 10ml with 35/50mg variants
  4. Fantastic introduced their Fantastic Salt Nic line up with 3 in total. All in 10ml with 35/50mg variants
  5. Bangsawan highlighted their Salt Nic line up with 11 in total : 10ml with 35/50mg variants
  6. Medusa Juice highlighted their Salt Series line up with 5 in total: 10ml with 30/50mg variants

So we can see that the Malaysian brewers are aggressively launching new flavors. All in 10ml sizes and in 35mg and 50mg variants only. Why is this?

In the US and European market, we see that the common size is 30ml at varying nicotine levels of 20mg, 25mg, 30mg, 35mg, 40mg and 50mg.

Confusing isn’t it?

Malaysians like it simple - just give us 2 options in 1 serving size of 10ml.

We prefer the 10ml serving size of salt nic because:

  1. It doesn’t take long to finish. We can refill our pod devices 3-4 times then switch to a new flavor. A 30ml bottle would mean refilling 9-12 times before we finally finish the juice. And by that time, we are bored of it. And if we don’t like the 30ml juice that much - half a bottle of it will go unconsumed. Ouch!   
  2. No commitment.The price of a 10ml serving size bottle is much less than a 30ml bottle. Yes, the price per ml is higher. But the total is less. People tend to look at the total price they are paying, not the price per ml. It also gives us an opportunity to try new flavors or brands that we have no or little experience with.

We prefer 35mg and 50mg nicotine level because:

  1. 35mg delivers a milder nicotine hit. Suitable for those that typically vape 6 or 12mg freebase liquids. Sorry to those that like 3mg, most Malaysian salt nic’s may be too strong for you.
  2. 50mg delivers a stronger nicotine hit especially for those coming from smoking cigarettes. Or for those guys that vape 3mg that all of a sudden crave more.
  3. So there you go! Now you know why you always see these cute 10ml nicotine salts from Malaysia floating around the internet!

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