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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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May 24, 2021 5 min read

We take a quick look at the Elf Bar Disposable Pod as well as the Nasty Fix Disposable Pod and then compare them in this article. Will there be a winner?

Note: For an updated comparison article (Sept 2022) on elf bar 800, 1500 and 3000 refer here.

ELF Bar Disposable Pod Review

  • The ELF Bar 800 is a great mouth to lung (or some might say restrictive direct to lung) disposable pod.

  • It has the capacity of roughly 800 puffs that provides long lasting satisfaction, crystal clear flavours (many with a mentholated boost) and a pretty strong nicotine hit at 5% (or 50mg)

The ELF Bar Disposable Pod has the following features:

  • Powered by 550mAh battery

  • Contains 3.2ml of nicotine salts at 5% (50mg) strength

  • Puffs: 800 Puff (User experience may vary depending on consumption level)

The ELF Bar 800 disposable pod is a nifty, lightweight and beautifully designed pod system that takes convenience vaping to a whole new level. With a beautifully slim and thin mouthpiece that's ultra comfortable, a decent sized battery and a 5% nicotine strength, the ELF Bar 800 is guaranteed to give you a long-lasting vaping experience that won't die on you when you need it the most. We love the smooth matte finish on the body of the pod that hides fingerprints well and makes it look clean all the time. It comes in a vacuum sealed packaging to help maintain freshness.

Flavours of the ELF Bar 800 Puff

The Elf Bar has some really nice flavours but most of them contain menthol.

The ELF Bar comes in a variety of flavour options from creamy to fruity and only one tobacco option.

Their creamy flavours like creamy tobacco and strawberry ice cream taste rich, bold, very direct and easy to distinguish. It stays very true to the name of the flavour, with crystal clear and unclouded without too much tinkering or complexity. You can enjoy really nice aromas and none of these flavours taste too sweet on the tongue.

For their fruity flavourslike lychee ice, watermelon, grape, coconut melon and blue razz lemonade, are excellent with realistic aromas that are really pleasing. For example, their coconut melon flavour really tastes of a rich coconut cream mixed in with some cantaloupe. You get both flavours very clearly on the inhale and exhale.

But unfortunately, most of them contain a medium to high amount of menthol so if your'e not into that, you might not like it. But on the other hand, we find that for a disposable pod, it really provides excellent taste that's on par with what you can expect from a normal pod system (that isn't disposable). If you want to vape for taste - this provides fantastic flavours.

We took one apart and as you can see below there's a sponge that holds the liquid. Could this be their secret to getting that smooth flavour?

That sponge...could that be the key?

Nasty Fix Disposable Pod

Nasty Fix Disposable Pod
Nasty Fix.. really cool looking disposable pod
  • The Nasty Fix is also another popular disposable pod with approximately 300 puffs

Main features of Nasty Fix:

  • Powered by 280mah battery

  • Contains 1.3ml of Nasty Salts at 2% (20mg) strength

  • Delivers approximately 300 puffs (User experience may vary depending on consumption level)

The Nasty Fix disposable pod is a lot smaller and rectangular in shape compared to the ELF Bar. Super small, sleek and also comes in vacuum sealed packaging too.

Flavours of the Nasty Fix

Lots of flavours to choose from and some with zero mint

The main advantage of Nasty Fix is that it contains the most popular flavours from Nasty Juice. So if you're a fan of Nasty Juice, then Nasty Fix is the one for you. But one thing that disappoints us is that while it gives some nicotine kick (2% or 20mg), the flavours are a little weak and muted if you compare it against vaping their nicotine salts on a normal open pod system. But for convenience and portability, this is a better choice.

The Nasty Fix fruity flavours like asap grape, cushman mango, bad blood, slow blow, double apple are all here. These flavours come with low mint and does not feel cold in the mouth/throat at all. The colder fruit flavours like watermelon ice are also present if you want something icy from Nasty Fix.

It's also worth mentioning that the tobacco flavours offer more choice - vanilla tobacco and pure tobacco. They are good tobacco flavours that can help you kick the smoking habit if you're looking for a convenient replacement to a traditional cigarette and not looking for an open pod system.

Elf Bar versus Nasty Fix Mouthpiece


which one looks more comfortable to you?

The mouthpiece on both devices are quite different. The mouthpiece of the ELF bar is much slimmer but it also gives a looser draw on the inhale. The Nasty Fix gives your classic MTL (mouth to lung) draw that's tight and restrictive. In terms of comfort, there are no corners to be found on the ELF Bar because it has rounded edges.

One thing to note about the Nasty sure to inhale from the right side! If you don't look carefully, you might inhale from the wrong end! Both ends of the device look and feel similar on your lips hence just be careful. We have done it before and when this happens, the device will continuously think its being inhaled and be burning for a good 5 seconds before the auto-shut off mechanism kicks in. So just watch out.

Bottom view of the ELF Bar and Nasty Fix

Finally, if we compare the ELF Bar and Nasty Fix - a few things stand out:

  • The ELF Bar flavours are all cold and icy. The draw is a little looser but the flavours are fantastic and very similar to an open pod system. Nicotine level is high at 5% that gives a good nicotine rush. With a higher puff count, it's also long lasting.

  • Nasty Fix have low mint flavours versus the ELF Bar, and if you're into that, than great! The flavours a little more muted and gentle. Lower puff count overall.

  • The Nasty Fix has a tight draw that's truer to how a good MTL vape should be. Much more similar to a traditional cigarette. Better choice of tobacco flavours. No dessert flavours on offer.

General tips on getting the most from a disposable pod

  • Once it's opened, use it quickly and continuously. Try not to let it sit around for days without being used as we find that the liquid tends to dry up due to the surrounding air getting inside the device.

  • Keep it sensibly and try not to expose it to harsh temperatures whether cold or hot temperatures.

  • Don't chain vape it. Pause between each puff to let the juice soak through nicely. If you accidentally burn it, the remaining liquid inside wont taste good anymore (what a waste!).

  • Be careful about covering the airflow holes. The airflow holes of many disposable pods are located at the bottom (or other end) of the device so just make sure you're not accidentally placing your finger over the airflow hole.

Remember that the goal of disposable vape device is to deliver nicotine satisfaction and similar experience to a traditional cigarette. So being a disposable device, the manufacturers limit the puff count, the battery life and the amount of liquid inside it. Once the battery runs out or the juice starts to taste burnt or foul, it's time to chuck it out.

Although this may be a disadvantage to some people, many still continue to use disposable devices because of their hassle-free experience.

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