WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Review of the ELF Bar Disposable Pod

Review of the ELF Bar Disposable Pod

tengku fadzlan |

10/8/2023 | Written by Tengku Fadzlan

So, here is the deal - something interesting is happening in the UK’s vaping scene. Brands such as Elf bar, are only selling 600 puff pods these days! That is not a whole lot, right? It has got me wondering how we can get our vapes to last longer. This article spills the tea on the necessity to own an Elf Bar, the mechanics of the vape, and the different methods you can do to have a longer-lasting disposable pod, let us dive right in!



Q1: How to use ELF BAR (sticker removal, opening package)?

Q2: How to make your 600 puff disposable pod last longer? How long do they last? How do I know if it is finishing or finished?

Q3: How does the elf bar work? What is the mechanism?

Q4: Tips on how to charge and maintain an elf bar?

Q5: How to ensure that i am buying an original elf bar (authenticity)?

Q6: Which ELF BAR is suitable for you? Some flavour of recommendations for ELF BAR?


Q1: How to use an ELF BAR (sticker removal, opening package)?

Don't forget to remove the silicon plug of your ELF Bar TE 6,000

Don't forget to remove the bottom sticker covering the airhole and charging port of  your ELF Bar TE 6,000

Don't forget to remove the silicon plug of your ELF Bar Pi 9,000

Don't forget to remove the bottom sticker covering the airhole and charging port of  your ELF Bar PI 9,000

Simply tear open the elf bar package, remove the sticker at the bottom of the device that covers the airflow. Next, remove the white silicone plug that covers the airway at the mouthpiece. You are ready to vape. 

We recommend taking small puffs when you first vape. DO NOT take a long and hard inhale at the first puff as you will increase the chances of burning out your cotton. You must take small puffs (1-2 seconds gently) and allow some time for the cotton to be soaked well with e-liquid.

Soaking the cotton is extremely important so that the e-liquid can vaporise properly when you inhale. Take about 5-10 small puffs (again, just 1-2 seconds each, with a gentle puff) and pause 5 seconds between each puff.

At first, you may notice the flavour to be a bit weak and not as strong, but over time, once the cotton is well soaked with e-liquid, the true flavour will come out and you will usually experience more flavour, taste, and sweetness.


Q2: How to make your 600-puff disposable pod last longer? How long do they last? How to know if it is finishing or finished?

Elf Bar Lifestyle

Do not Share with Friends!

Do you know how in every friend group, there is that one person who is always up for taking a hit from your vape? It is all cool and fun, but there are some downsides you might not have thought about. Sharing your vape with others can be a bit sketchy when it comes to hygiene.

These things go right into your mouth, and passing them around could spread germs, bacteria, or even viruses. Plus, everyone has their own way of puffing and their own nicotine tolerance, so you might end up unintentionally getting more nicotine than you bargained for.

So, while it is awesome to bond over a puff, it might be a good call to play it safe and keep your vape to yourself.

Be conscious on the number of puffs.

Hey, just a quick heads-up about keeping an eye on those puffs you are taking from your disposable pod. If you are like me and tend to chain vape like there is no tomorrow, it might be worth considering a device with a higher puff count. For higher puff count Elf bar products, see our disposable pod collection that offers higher puff counts.

Chain vaping (which is the act of continuously vaping without taking a break) can really drain your ELF Bar disposable pod fast, and you do not want to find yourself suddenly out of luck when you are craving a puff.

So, pace yourself a bit and give that disposable pod a breather now and then. Your future cravings will thank you for it. You will know when you ELF Bar is finishing when you don't taste much flavour anymore which indicates that the sponge holding the eliquid is probably already quite dry.


Q3: How does the elf bar work? What is the mechanism?

Taking a close look at the different ELF BAR Disposable Pods models:
What is inside an ELF BAR DISPOSABLE POD?
  • A typical ELF Bar contains e-liquids containing vegetable glycerine, propyl glycol, flavourings, and nicotine. It also contains a battery together with a simple circuit and sensors to allow you to vape it.
  • The official products from ELF BAR will always have a sticker on the side of the box with a serial number and you will be able to verify its authenticity by scanning the QR code.
  • Depending on the model, it has the capacity of 6,000 and 9,000 puffs that provides long lasting satisfaction, clear flavours (many with a mentholated boost) and a strong nicotine hit at 5% (or 50mg). 
The ELF Bar TE 6,000 Disposable Pod has the following features:
  • Powered by 550mAh battery.
  • Contains 15ml of nicotine salts at 5% (50mg) strength.
  • Puffs: 6000 Puff (User experience may vary depending on consumption level)
  • Type C charging port

The Elf Bar TE6000 is an exclusive Malaysian vape innovation. It boasts a sizable rechargeable battery, iconic ELF BAR fruit flavours, and operates silently with each puff. Ideal for beginners with its effortless usability, no messy coil swaps or charging woes are needed - simply replace when puffs are exhausted. Slim and lightweight, yet packing 6000 puffs (over 40 cigarettes), its 5% salt nicotine content provides a strong, satisfying hit that aids in quitting smoking. Experience the convenience of automatic activation upon inhaling for a seamless and enjoyable vaping encounter. 


Dismantled ELF Bar TE 6,000

Referring to the picture above, you can see that the ELF Bar TE 6000 contains 2 separate compartments. One compartment contains the sponge that holds the e-liquid, and the other compartments contains the battery, circuitry, and sensors. 
Observe that the e-liquids are suspended and held in a sponge-like material that sits within the device. This magical innovation combined with a small battery and a sensor that detects when you are inhaling is what makes the concept of disposable pod possible in the first place. 


The inside an ELF Bar TE 6,000 - components and parts

The ELF Bar Pi 9,000 Disposable Pod  has the following features:

  • Powered by 500mAh battery.

  • Contains 18ml of nicotine salts at 5% (50mg) strength.

  • Puffs: 9000 Puff (User experience may vary depending on consumption level)

  • Battery & e-liquid LED indicator

  • Type C charging port

Dismantled ELF Bar PI 9,000

The Elf Bar Pi 9000, the newest addition to the lineup of high-puff-count disposable pods available exclusively in the Malaysian vape market. Equipped with an enhanced battery capacity and convenient type C rechargeability, it also offers the cherished array of ELF BAR’s fruity flavours. Designed for effortless use, it is an ideal choice for beginners, requiring no learning curve.

Dismantled ELF Bar PI 9,000

The ELF Bar Lowit 12,000 Disposable Pod has the following features:
  • Powered by 500mAh battery.
  • Nicotine salts at 5% (50mg) strength
  • Puffs: 12000 Puff (User experience may vary depending on consumption level)
  • Battery & e-liquid LED indicator
  • Type C charging port

Dismantled ELF Bar Lowit 12,000

The Elf Bar Lowit 12,000 disposable pod is a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of disposable pods. This introduces a fresh concept: acquire a battery kit paired with a flavour cartridge of your preference for your initial purchase. Once the flavour cartridge is finished, simply switch out the top flavour cartridge and keep the bottom battery. With just one battery and a handful of flavour cartridges, you are set for weeks of vaping satisfaction.


The inside of ELF Bar Lowit 12,000


Q4: Tips on how to charge and maintain an elf bar?

ELF Bar TE 6,000 being charged

ELF Bar Pi 9,000 being charged

ELF Bar Lowit 12,000 being charged - you will see a green led blinking slowl

Do not use a high-powered type C charger and cable.

Why? Most disposable pods use a type C connector as its the latest, most modern USB connector that has gained wide adoption globally. But this does not mean that the type C connector is able to withstand high power.

Due to the nature of disposable pods, we do not think that many manufacturers are using the latest USB standards that allow for high-speed charging. If they did, for sure that this will be a feature that they highlight with marketing terms like “fast charging” or other fancy terms to denote high speed charging. 

The fact that most manufacturers do not make any mention of the USB standard being used, it is better to assume that it is using the older USB standards for power delivery (and thus cheaper to produce) even though the latest type-C connector is being used. If you are using a high-powered charger like from a MacBook or one of well-known brands like anker, AUKEY etc; only leave it on for 10-15 minutes or so and do not leave it on overnight.

Risk: Using an adapter that has a higher output puts your device at risk of overheating, catching fire, or even exploding.

Make sure you plug the cable into the disposable pod properly. A poor connection obviously means that you cannot charge or are charging inefficiently. Always double check the connection.

We have had instances where we thought the cable was plugged in, but it was only loosely plugged in and did not “click’ in properly thus the device did not charge. Most disposable pods light up when charged and therefore you know that a connection is established, and the disposable pod has started to charge. 

Take your Elf Bar off the charger as soon as it has done charging. Overcharging the battery can cause it to lose its charge a lot faster when in use and can lead to the battery overheating and even exploding. 

A dirty charging port leads to inefficient charging of your Elf Bar.

It is amazing how much just a little dirt can do when it comes to stopping your Elf Bar from charging. Gently insert something thin and sharp into the Vapes charging port, such as a toothpick, and clear out any dirt or dust. Then, shake the Elf Bar gently to dislodge the debris.

Charge your Elf Bar in a place that is between 50 and 86ºF (10 to 30ºC).

If you try charging your Elf Bar in a place that is hotter or colder than this range, the battery will have a harder time filling up. Cold temperatures can also cause your battery to drain faster, while extremely hot temperatures can cause the battery to lose capacity and not hold as much charge in the future. Your device will thank you for it!

Extreme temperatures, whether it is too hot or freezing cold, can mess with the performance and lifespan of your vape. So, if you want your device to last longer and keep delivering those satisfying puffs, give it a cosy spot where the temperatures are exactly right. Your vape will stay happier, and you will keep on puffing like a champ!


Q5: How to ensure that I am buying an original elf bar (authenticity)?

Use your phone and scan the barcode on the side of the box. It will lead you to the elf bar website and you can easily verify its authenticity. PunkJuice.com only sells authentic ELF Bars - no fakes and no clones.


Product Authenticity Check - Scan the QR code on the side of the box to verify your ELF Bar


Q6: Which ELF BAR is suitable for you? Some flavour of recommendations for ELF BAR?

We feel that there are four things to consider to decide which ELF Bar is suitable for you :

1) Mint level

2) Puff count

3) Airflow

4) Choice of flavours

To give you an overview:

If you like high mint flavours with menthol, the ELF BAR 9,000 is the best option for you. The ELF Bar 6,000 and LOWIT 12,000 flavours are not as icy as the ELF Bar 9,000 flavours.

The Elf Bar 6,000 is the lowest puff count that we carry while the ELF Bar LOWIT 12,000 is the highest puff count. 

If you want something with a tighter airflow that feels a bit restricted, go for the ELF Bar TE 6,000 or the LOWIT 12,000. If you like a looser airflow, go for the ELF BAR Pi 9,000. 

ELF Bar typically has 5-6 same flavours across all their ranges. But they will also introduce new flavours from time to time for specific ranges. For instance bamboo aloe ice is flavour that can only be found in the ELF Bar Pi 9,000 range but not the ELF Bar TE 6,000 range.

Ultimately, which one is suitable for you will depend on your tastes and preferences.

Here at PunkJuice.com, we sell three versions of the ELF Bar which is the:

  1. ELF BAR TE 6,000 puff
  2. ELF BAR Pi 9,000 puff
  3. ELF BAR LOWIT 12,000 puff


Top 3 flavours of the ELF Bar 6000 Puff

ELF BAR TE 6,000 - Strawberry Juicy Peach, Grape Honeydew and Cola Ice

Strawberry Juicy Peach

Indulge in the delightful fusion of Elf Bar’s luscious strawberry essence entwined harmoniously with the succulent flavour of ripe peaches. The vibrant notes of yellow peaches shine prominently in this meticulously crafted blend, enveloping your palate in delectable symphony of taste.

Grape Honeydew

Encounter a robust honeydew melon presence in this rendition, boasting a crisp, juicy essence saturated with honeydew goodness. The grape undertone lends a subtle, fruity, and tangy bouquet, playing a supporting role in the overall profile.

Cola Ice

Effervescent cola effusion. Anticipate an authentic cola essence in this remarkable flavour, enhanced by a refreshing menthol surge that adds a frosty twist. 

Top 3 flavours of the ELF Bar 9000 Puff

ELF BAR Pi 9,000 - Peach Mango Watermelon, Strawberry Mango and Juicy Peach

Peach mango watermelon

Experience a medley of crisp peaches, fragrant mangoes, and succulent watermelon, forming a triumvirate of fruity essences reminiscent of a vibrant fruit punch. Embarking on a tropical journey, the prominent flavours of peach and mango lead the way, creating an enticing vape that will leave your taste buds tingling during your moments of respite. If you seek a multifaceted and refined fruity option, this could be the one to captivate your palate. 

Strawberry Mango

A mouthwatering blend of ripe mangoes and strawberries, creating an aromatic fusion that has been a best seller for Elf Bar since its inception.

Juicy Peach

Experience the exquisite taste of ripe Georgia peaches, bursting with a natural sweetness, providing a truly delightful fruity sensation. As you indulge in this flavourful journey, relish the cooling touch that gracefully concludes each delectable bite, leaving you refreshed and satisfied.

Top 3 flavours of the ELF Bar Lowit 12000 Puff

ELF BAR LOWIT 12,000 - Blue Ice, Mango Peach Watermelon and Summer Hawaii

Blue Ice

A blend of mixed fruits infused with the tanginess of blue raspberry. When the temperature rises, this flavour is sure to invigorate your senses and offer a cooling sensation.

Peach Mango Watermelon

Exuding a tropical essence, with pronounced hints of peach and mango taking the lead, this delightful fruit fusion will leave you eagerly anticipating its luscious flavours. Abundantly fruity and delectable, accompanied by a subtle minty touch that adds to its allure.

Summer Hawaii

A unique blend of pineapples creates a desire to ride ocean waves or hum aloha by the seashore. The Elf Bar Lowit presents a delightful pineapple candy flavour with a refreshing hint or mint, making it irresistible and enjoyable for vaping enthusiasts.


In conclusion, getting the best out of your Elf Bar is simple: Open, adjust and savour. Start with gentle, short puffs for optimal vaping pleasure. To extend your disposable pods life, avoid sharing and maintain a steady pace. Storing it at room temperature ensures consistent performance. Diving into its mechanics, the Elf Bar combines a battery, circuitry, and sensors with e-liquids for a seamless experience.

Authenticity is vital, verified via the barcode on the official website. With models like the TE 6000, Pi 9000, and Lowit 12000, Elf Bar caters to various preferences. From Strawberry Juicy Peach to Blue Ice, the diverse flavours offer a range of enticing options. So, whether you are craving tropical vibes or refreshing mint, Elf Bar promises an enjoyable vaping experience.