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7 Daze EGGE 3000 Disposable Pod Review

7 Daze EGGE 3000 Disposable Pod Review

Harith Salleh |

 7 Daze EGGE 3000 Disposable Pod Review

7 daze EGGE 3000 disposable pod product picture in hand

Today we take a look at the 7 Daze EGGE 3000 Disposable Pod. With its ultra cute ‘egg-like’ shape, now wonder it's called EGGE. With a plastic body,  it does feel quite solid in the palm of your hand and it has a smooth and glossy finish. The printing and branding on this disposable device looks really attractive and well made.

What are the advantages of the Naked 100 Max Disposable Pod?

Some key features of this disposable are as follows:

  1. Rechargeable 400mah Battery (Type C, cable not included)
  2. 3,000 puffs with 7.0ml of liquid, 5% strength.
  3. Compact and sturdy design. Nice feel in the hand with a circular shape.
  4. Mesh coils for lasting, consistent flavours.
  5. Choice of 8 flavours
7 daze EGGE 3000 disposable pod man posing with product


Design and Airflow

What can I say? The EGGE is a solidly built little disposable with an attractive shape and glossy finish. The mouthpiece is quite ergonomic to the lips and is flat with no sharp edges. The printing and branding on this disposable device looks really attractive and is not the type where it will rub off easily. I applaud the people at 7 daze for coming out with such a high quality product to match the flavour and quality of their juices. It really speaks volumes about the company. Further, I appreciate the little touch of the textured design on the upper half of the device which makes it look classy and premium. Not many companies will bother with this (it’s a disposable device after all!), but clearly, 7 Daze made the effort. 

In terms of airflow, the 7 Daze EGGE’s airflow is located in the USB type C charging port itself. Its such a small detail about the design and I discovered it while looking for the airflow hole for this review. Very clever! As for the feel, the airflow is loose Mouth-To-Lung style and if I cover the charging port with my pinky finger just ever so slightly, I'm able to get a more restricted MTL draw from this device.  

 7 daze 3000 puff disposable pod charging port


When I plug in the device to be recharged using a type C cable, there is a glowing led light at the front of the device indicating that it's being charged. Once the light goes off, it means that it is fully charged. Simple. 

Nicotine Hit and Flavours Line-Up:

The hit that you can expect with this disposable device can be described as strong. At 5%, the salt nicotine used in this disposable gives an instant kick. It's satisfying enough such that 2-3 puffs is good for me and I have to put it down. The flavours are fruity and complex with a nice ‘layered’ feel to it. The menthol kick is present but i don’t feel that its an icy flavour like how i would normally feel with elf bars. I never feel bored quickly with the flavours and they are not too sweet for my taste buds. Taste is subjective and you might feel different about it but if you like complex fruity flavours that are not so sweet, then the 7 daze EGGE 3,000 puffs might be a good choice for you.  

With that out of the way - let’s take a look at some of the flavours on offer:


Featuring crisp and juicy golden apple that is to die for, 7 daze will impress you for sure with their secret apple recipe. Copied by many yet still unrivalled, this delicious apple juice is just so so delicious, well balanced with sweetness and sourness and tastes so crisp and fragrant. 


One of my favourites, it tastes of a medley of fruits with gentle vibes of mango, pineapple and citrus notes. I cannot pinpoint it to say that it is exactly mango or exactly pineapple but its all there kind of like a mixed fruit.


A creamy sweetish tobacco with notes of caramel. Very nice and slightly sweet and nutty that hits the spot.

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