WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Only 18 years and above allowed to purchase. Malaysian ID proof is needed.

Review: Elf Bar vs Volt Bar Disposable Pod

Review: Elf Bar vs Volt Bar Disposable Pod

Nurin Fadzil |

In this article, we will do a quick review of both Elf Bar BC800 / BC1500 / BC3000 Disposable Pod and VoltBar 6000Puffs Disposable Pod before comparing them to find out which product best suits you.


Elf Bar Disposable Pod Review

Elf Bar has completely taken over the vaping industry with its friendly-user and clean design with no leakage issue. It comes with many series including BC800, BC1500 and BC3000 which stands for each maximum puff. Unlike BC800 and BC1500, BC3000 has 650mAh battery capacity and it is rechargeable to make your vaping needs experience long lasting.


Their fruity series like mango, watermelon ice and peach ice really give the sweet flavor of the fresh fruit. You can really taste it like the actual fruit. Although there are some mixed fruit flavors like strawberry kiwi, strawberry banana and coconut melon, don’t be surprised if we tell you that they actually nailed it.


Meanwhile, for their creamy series like strawberry ice cream and cream tobacco, each flavor gives you a rich and bold taste every puff you draw. The sweetness level is moderate and it’s suitable for those who're not into sweet things.


Product Specifications (for malaysia spec elf bars):

elf bar 800

elf bar 1500

elf bar 3000





E-Juice Capacity




Nic Strength








Approximately Puffs









Volt Bar Disposable Pod 6000 Puffs Pod Review

Volt Bar is a game changer disposable pod with 6000 draw capacity and has 25 unique flavors from 4 different series including creamy, fruity, drinks and ice cream which you can find from our website. For sure, the flavors from Volt Bar are definitely sweeter and bolder compared to Elf Bar. Inhaling one puff gives an immediate sweet and satisfying taste. Although it's a rechargeable disposable pod, its long-lasting battery can make it easier for you to vape anytime and anywhere. 


Product Specifications:

* Dimensions: 110mm x 30mm

* Weight: 70 grams

* E-juice Capacity: 15ml (50mg)

* Puffs: 6000

* Airflow: 4 small holes at the bottom of the product

* Battery: 650mAh (internal rechargeable battery)

* Material: Rubber Silicone and Aluminum Alloy

* LED puff indicator

Elf Bar vs Volt Bar

Although both are lightweight, Elf Bar’s neat design makes it easier to bring around rather than Volt Bar. Elf Bar has a nice slim body which is suitable for those who like to keep things inside their pocket. Unlike Volt Bar, imagine putting it inside the back pocket of your jeans…not nice leh


In terms of flavoring, we have tasted a few flavors from both of the brands and we can say Volt Bar has the most consistency after many draws. Despite the fact that Elf Bar has great flavoring, after vaping for quite some time the flavor will slowly be gone. As a quick tip, we can suggest to cover the mouthpiece with the included silicone cap to prevent the cotton/sponge from drying out.


Both products use the Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) vaping style as it is a similar process with smoking cigarettes which is suitable for beginners and ex-smokers. Simply inhale and exhale to activate both devices as there are no buttons or led screen required. Don’t worry, these disposable pods include an LED puff indicator that lights up every time you draw to let you know if you’re running out of flavors!


Each draw from these brands give an interesting kick to your throat as both contain 50 mg of nicotine level which is good enough to replace cigarettes for smokers who want to switch to vaping.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that it is cheap, vaping is one of the baby steps to stop smoking cigarettes. Disposable pods come with a variety of flavors to give a kick to your taste bud which makes your vaping experiences interesting. Disposable pods are effortless as you don’t have to refill, change coils or any other maintenance required.


For those who like to try new things, disposable pods are suitable for you because there are many different flavors available that you can try out if you don’t like to stick to one flavor. These pods can last 3-8 days, depending on how heavy you draw.


Just Landed: Elf Bar TE 6000 Disposable Pod

Elf Bar TE 6000 has been designed with an extremely quiet function. It's a futuristic design that is both beautiful and intriguing. The built-in battery and e-liquid pod are visible thanks to the body's complete transparency. It is made of metal and plastic, holds 15ml of vape juice, and uses 5% (50 mg) of nicotine up to 6,000 puffs at high levels of nicotine need. It has an internal 550mAh rechargeable battery that is charged using a micro-USB connector. Flavor and consistent performance are provided via an internal mesh coil.


15 Available Flavors:

1. Banana
2. Strawberry Ice
3. Strawberry Juicy Peach
4. Cool Mint
5. Cola Ice
6. Grape Honeydew
7. Peach Mango Watermelon
8. Cranberry Grape
9. Popcorn Caramel
10. Vanilla Ice Cream
11. Vanilla Custard
12. Durian King
13. Taro Yam
14. Strawberry Mango
15. Sakura Grape

Product Specification:

*Dimensions: 78mm * 42mm * 22mm
*Puffs: 6000
*Nicotine: 5%(50mg)
*Nicotine Type: nic salt
*Capacity: 15ml
*Resistance: Mesh Coil
*Battery: 550mAh Rechargeable
*Charging: Micro USB
*Firing Mechanism: Draw-activated