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Review of the NEVOKS Feelin X: Is It Worth It?

Review of the NEVOKS Feelin X: Is It Worth It?

Nurin Fadzil |

We are well aware of the great recent releases by Nevoks. Starting from the Nevoks Feelin, to the Nevoks Feelin Mini, and then the Nevoks Pagee and now the latest - the Feelin X. This little company seems to be making hit after hit and today, we checkout the latest Nevoks Feelin X. 

The Nevoks Feelin X can be considered the 'big brother' of the original Nevoks Feelin. It has a sturdy, well-built feel design with a large battery and beefy overall vibe. They kept a similar finish on the body of the device - with a satin-like finish that keeps on resisting fingerprints. It is still rather light and pleasant to carry but with a beefier feel in the hand thanks to its larger overall dimensions.

The airflow slider on the side of the device works pretty well, and there is a good internal battery with fast charging and buttons for power adjustment. Don't be fooled by its smallish stature - this pod device has a beefy 1600mAh battery to last you hundreds of puffs throughout the day.

It is hardly unexpected that the product received favorable reviews.

NEVOKS Feelin X comes in 7 different colors - black, blue, grey, rose pink, ocean blue, green and red. 


Feelin X (1600mAh) x1

Feelin X Empty Pod (5ml) x1

SPL-10 Mesh Coil 0.4Ω x1

SPL-10 Mesh Coil 0.6Ω x1

Type-C Cable x1

User Manual x1

Warranty Card x1




Pod Material


Drip Tip Material



0.4Ω Kanthal (SPL-10 Mesh Coil)

0.6Ω Kanthal (SPL-10 Mesh Coil)






Output Wattage

5W - 40W

Screen Size


Input Voltage

3.3 - 4.3V

Battery Capacity





Type C 5V/2A

Charging Time

Approximately 50 minutes

Max. Vaping Duration

10 Seconds




In terms of feel in the hand, there is not much difference between Feelin and Feelin X. Both devices have a smooth feel on the outside - its a great coating that makes the device feel smooth and premium in the hand and it resists scratches quite well. Both devices still carry well in the hand. Even carrying it around together in my purse with keys, phones, coins and other random items hasn't left any lasting or noticeable scratch marks on it. Feelin X has upgraded the product as it comes with lock function and also RBA mode for DIY enthusiasts. Did we mention that the latest design comes with an LED screen too? The LED screen has vibrant colours and can easily be seen in low light or in the dark.

The overall matte texture makes it feel premium and smooth and gives the pod a more tidy, straightforward appearance. Therefore you won't have to be concerned about your fingerprints and scratches being visible. The colours like black, grey and blue do not stand out much but rose pink and ocean blue are really eye-catching. 

The pod/cartridge is made of clear, translucent PCTG material and has a 5ml capacity for e-liquid. The mouthpiece is made from TPE material and has been precisely designed for comfort. It feels smooth on the lips and the curves feel comfortable with no hard edges or roughness. This mouthpiece design is fantastic and one of the reasons why i keep going back to this device. 



NEVOKS has upgraded their coil performance to bring more power to satisfy your vaping experience. NEVOKS Feelin X is compatible with 5 coils which are 0.3Ω, 0.4Ω, 0.6Ω, 0.8Ω and 1.0Ω. These coils have different performance based on the nicotine level that you consume and allow for various power settings. For example - the 0.3ohm coil is great for freebase e-juices with low nicotine levels while the 0.8ohm or 1.0ohm coils are fantastic for salt nicotine.

Currently I am using 0.8Ω with Jam Monster PB&Jam Grape 48mg and the flavouring is just awesome. I can taste the rounded flavours of peanut butter and butter toast and I feel like I'm getting a good nicotine hit from it. Not at all disappointing because I can clearly taste the sweetness of the flavor in all its glory. In terms of battery life, i have no problems getting a full day (or up to 6) with the 0.8Ω coil and running it at low power (18w max is automatically set by the device). 

Just like any other pods that require coils, you may fill the pod with e-liquid, add a few drips to the coil's wicking ports, and then wait 5 to 10 minutes.


When using the Nevoks Feelin X with freebase juice, i bring out my favourite Jade Ice by Mister E. I know this ejuice well so it's my favourite for testing out devices. Im happy to report that the flavours i'm familiar with in this ejuice like the pineapple, watermelon and strawberries shine through well together with that bone-chilling blast of menthol. Using the 0.4 coils, i really enjoy the cloud production coming from this device with the airflow all the way open.



By only adjusting the slider, you can change the airflow according to your preference. Its simple to use and tends to stay in place without sliding around too much. It remains to be seen after one year if the airflow slider starts to slide around but it seems sturdy enough using friction. If you prefer DTL vaping style, you may want the airflow to be fully open. When the airflow is totally shut, you will get a very tight MTL pull. Similar to any other devices, restricting the airflow when vaping at higher wattages does make the draw warmer.


NEVOKS Feelin X’s 1600mAh battery life has lasted me up to 7 days. I had 0 worries about not bringing the charger with me the whole week. It only takes approximately 1 hour to fully charge which is not bad, eh? Personally I think it is quite practical that the charging connector is type-C compatible as all the latest pods use a type-C connection and I have multiple spare type-C cables lying around my desk. 


NEVOKS Feelin X has demonstrated that its enhanced features have hit it despite the clean and simple design. Extra point to NEVOKS for not having any leakage during the entire time I used it.

I am eager to experiment with different coil performances with different nicotine level because I am confident NEVOKS won't let me down.