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WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Kardinal Artisan 5000 3% Disposable Pod


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Kardinal has earned a distinguished reputation for its exceptional e-juice creations. It's made to give you a stronger feeling in your throat, a more intense taste, and it doesn't produce as much vapor. This makes it feel a lot like smoking. They've recently introduced a new product called Kardinal Artisan, a disposable pod with an impressive 5000 puffs with no buttons. Kardinal Artisan is a special release featuring carefully made e-liquid from its Primera line.

Kindly note that there are NO returns, replacement or exchanges on disposable vape devices for any reason, defective or otherwise.

Note: Disposable pod purchases must not be combined with purchases of any e-liquid or nicotine salts. Please purchase Kardinal Artisan Disposable Pod separately in a separate order from all liquids. This is due to international battery regulations.



  • Specification

    Puff Count:

    5,000 puffs

    Nicotine Strength:



    Yes, using TYPE C cable 


    Inhale activation

  • Flavor Description

    Butterscotch Coffee

    Picture savoring a velvety sip of buttery, caramel-infused coffee, complemented by the subtle sweetness of butterscotch. With each exhale, it's as if you're wrapped in a warm, indulgent embrace, evoking a comforting and richly satisfying experience in every puff.

    Blueberry Vanilla Custard

    Imagine taking a deep breath of creamy vanilla custard mixed with juicy blueberries. It feels smooth but gives a strong feeling in your throat, giving you a satisfying sensation. It's a tasty choice for those who like a strong throat hit with lots of flavor.


    Experience the warm, mellow embrace of classic tobacco enriched with the sweet, sun-kissed essence of ripe peaches. Each puff offers a balanced blend, giving you a comforting yet subtly fruity twist on a familiar favorite.


    Enjoy the harmonious fusion of earthy tobacco and the invigorating scent of freshly brewed coffee. This distinctive blend offers a balanced mix of familiar comfort and a caffeine-infused boost, all while providing a moderate 3% nicotine content for a truly satisfying vaping experience.


    Embrace the timeless allure of smooth, robust tobacco notes, providing a distinct and comforting vaping experience. This classic flavor choice offers a straightforward yet deeply satisfying option for those seeking a traditional taste, made even more convenient with a buttonless device.

    La Baya

    Savor the delightful combination of juicy blueberries and creamy bananas, complemented by the subtle presence of tobacco all in a device capable of delivering up to 5000 puffs.


    Dive into a creamy adventure with the lively dance of vanilla custard mingling with the playful hints of classic tobacco. This delightful fusion not only packs a high throat hit but is also perfect for those on a quest to kick the smoking habit, offering a satisfying swirl of flavors to enjoy!