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Nevoks Feelin Pod Starter Kit Review

Nevoks Feelin Pod Starter Kit Review

Haris Salleh |

In this article we take a closer look at the Nevoks Feeling Pod Starter Kit. This pod kit is becoming more and more popular in Malaysia and lets figure out why it's so likeable for many vapers out there. You could say that it's positioning itself very much like the Uwell Caliburn G and Vaporesso Xros type of pod systems. Let's see how it stacks up..

The Nevoks Brand

You're probably like me in that when I first came across this device and brand, my first reaction was WHO is NEVOKS? Never heard of em...

Some quick google search reveals that Nevoks is a new-ish company based in Shenzhen, China, and to my surprise, is a fairly new company having only been around since 2019. A quick browse of their product line shows only 5 different pod and mod devices compared to the dozens of devices from other bigger manufacturers like SMOK, Voopoo etc.

So clearly, Nevoks is a very new brand without the experience and track record of the big boys.

What's in the Box?

In the box of the Nevoks Feelin Pod Kit, we get the following:

  • 1x Feelin Device
  • 1x Feeling Empty Pod (2.8ml)
  • 1x SPL Mesh Coil 0.6 ohm
  • 1x SPL Mesh Coil 1.0 oh,
  • 1x Type C Cable
  • User Manual & Warranty Card

Specification and Safety:

  • Weight: 42 grams
  • Output: 10w - 22w
  • Charging Time: 50 mins
  • Auto-safety cut off time: 10 seconds
  • Battery: 1,000mah
  • Charging: Type C @ 5V/1.5A
  • Device Material: PC/ABS (aka polycarbonate)

At the time of writing the Feelin Pod Kit comes in 4 colours - blue, red, silver and black.


The paint job and surface finishing on this device is impressive. It has a really nice matte finish which not only looks like it resists scratches and fingerprints but also makes it feel soft and smooth in the palm. The round fire button is appropriately sized and you won't have trouble finding it even in the dark. The fire button sits in a recessed grooved together with 3 white led lights that indicate the battery level and the power modes available (more on that below).

The edges of the device have nicely rounded corners - no sharp edges to scratch your phone (if you happen to put it in your pocket with your phone like what i did). I really like the design and it makes the device feel friendly to hold and friendly to the touch. The blue colour that I have shows little signs of wear and tear after a month of using it and it feels like it will hold up well in the months to come.

I especially like the matte, scratch resistant finishing that resists fingerprint smudges and I rarely ever wipe it down.

The lightweight body of 42 grams is light but it does not feel cheaply made at all. On the contrary, I think the design feels premium with no cheapish shiny parts.


The Nevoks Feelin Pod is either draw activated or you can use the fire button. It has 3 levels of power adjustments - low (3.1v), medium (3.4v) and high (3.7v).

In my usage, i prefer to use the fire button. The draw activation always worked well at first, when using fresh coils. But over time i find that I really had to pull/inhale hard in order to get it to fire. And even when it does fire, the firing feels a little weak, like it's stuttering. Cleaning out any condensation near the air inlet does seem to solve this problem for a while but it comes back again later.

In my opinion, stick to the fire button and the device fires great with zero lag.

Pods and Mouthpiece

The pods are 2.8ml in volume and comes attached to the black, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) mouthpiece. No removable or replaceable mouthpiece. The coils however are removable and use the friendly, press-fit style like you see in the Uwell Caliburn G and countless other pod systems. The pod is super transparent with a clear window which it makes it easy to see your ejuice levels. The pods have a solid and satisfying click to them when inserting it into the body of the device by utilising four small magnets.

The TPE mouthpiece is probably my favourite thing about this device. It has nice tapering and the rubberised TPE material used on it feels AMAZING when you vape it from the front or from the side of your lips. It feels soft, smooth and never feels cold on the lips.

This mouthpiece is SUPER COMFORTABLE and I think blows away the bulky mouthpiece on the Uwell Caliburn G. It has the added bonus of resisting picking up stains/oils and looks clean all the time.

Airflow Adjustment and Power Adjustment

The Feelin Pod has 2 airflow adjustment options. It cleverly does this by making a larger gap on the body of the pods on one side which lets more air through (looser - direct to lung vaping) and closing it on the other side (tighter - mouth to lung vaping). Simply turn and insert the pod to the body of the device to access either.

In my view, there is a clear difference between the looser and tighter positions of the airflow adjustments and you can clearly detect the difference. Personally, i prefer the all-the-way open position for more clouds and looser DTL style vaping. When I pair this with the highest power setting at 3.7v, i get some nice, pillowy, large clouds.

For MTL style and a tighter airflow, i can clearly see and feel the difference with smaller clouds and a tighter inhale experience.

The power adjustment is a nice touch on this device and helps you to regulate how much battery you save or prefer to consume. The differences in power adjustment can also be clearly felt between the lowest 3.1v versus the highest 3.7v. The middle setting of 3.4v gets lost in my opinion and a little harder to detect visually in clouds.

I like the power adjustment setting - its easy to access with 3 quick clicks of the fire button and i've never had a misstep in accessing it. I think it's due to the fire button being so awesomely designed that just feels really solid and gives good user feedback with each click.

On the nicotine salts i used during the review of this device, I almost always used it on the highest power setting. I noticed that once i was used to it, I did not really feel like using the lower power setting because for me, i like DTL and bigger clouds. Only for power saving reasons did I use the lower power settings to help extend my battery life. Your preferences may vary.


I love the coils. I used the 0.6ohm and 1.0ohm SPL coils and I feel that both of them feel excellent. Flavour wise, both are very good and i'm getting clear flavours from my favourite nicotine salts. I played around with 24mg, 30mg, 35mg nicotine salts and they all tasted good and as expected. I would say the coil quality feels well made with little break-in time needed to get good flavours.

Battery Life

This device is a battery champ and easily lasted me a couple of days with its beefy 1,000mah capacity. On long chain vaping sessions on the weekend, and the highest power setting, it took around 4 hours before it started to feel weak to me, when my clouds were no longer as big and as satisfying. When the battery indicator was on one light left, I felt that it was time to take a break and plug it in. The Type-C charging is a clear benefit for me as the charging times are just so much better than old micro USB.

Final Impressions

The Nevoks Feelin Pod has made quite an impression on me. Coming from a new company with not much of a track record, I was not expecting to like this device as much as I did and I was expecting to find flaws that I could point out. But now i find myself struggling to do so! Quite a surprise..

Reasons why I am in love with this pod:

  • Fantastic, smooth and rubbery mouthpiece with a matte finish and tapered edges that feels extremely comfortable and never cold on the lips.
  • Comfortable in the hand with a durable finish that looks like it will last with the added bonus of not picking up fingerprints or smudges.
  • Consistent firing with a solid firebutton.
  • Long lasting battery even when using it on the highest power setting. Suits my DTL (or looser MTL) style perfectly.
  • Lightweight and small in the hand without feeling or looking cheap.
  • Type-C Charging.


  • Perhaps more coil options

For as long as the internal battery of this device works well and does not significantly deteriorate, I will keep using it.

So is this a "Caliburn Killer"? For me, I feel that its BETTER than the Uwell Caliburn G. I was never impressed with the mouthpiece of the newer Caliburn G and I preferred the older mouthpiece on the older Caliburn so much more.

Many devices claim to be a "the Caliburn-killer", but honestly, I would say that this could be it. The ultra comfortable mouthpiece greatly enhanced my experience of using and enjoying the device. The coils are stellar and tastes great. The firing of the device is consistent with a solid fire button thats feels confident with a clicky feel. The matte finishing on the device looks premium with an understated style.

Would I recommend my friends and family to get the Nevoks Feelin Pod ?