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Established on March 9th, 2022, Voltbar found its footing in the market. The flagship product, the Volt Bar Disposable Pod, quickly gained momentum. Achieving an impressive feat, a million units were sold within a concise timeframe, riding the wave of the burgeoning product demand. Voltbar, now a dominant presence in the Asian disposable market, has its sights set on conquering European and North American markets. Renowned for its commitment to producing top-tier disposable vapes, Voltbar holds a robust reputation within the industry, synonymous with reliability and credibility. The brand boasts a substantial and devoted customer following, counting over 50,000 fervent fans and more than 1200 resellers. From barber shops and Mamak restaurants to toy and gadget stores, as well as Bearbrick emporiums, Voltbar's user base is diverse and wide-ranging. Looking to expand its horizons, Voltbar is diversifying beyond vaping, initiating collaborations with artists for music videos and fashion brands, broadening its presence across various domains.

Reviews of the top 3 best flavours for Volt Bar 10,000 (10K) disposable pod

1) Grape Apple

Tangy and sharp organic apples provide a great contrasting backdrop to the much loved flavour of grape. Let the sweet fruity scent of these 2 magnificent fruits envelope your senses with a bone-chilling hit of menthol on the exhale.

2) Double Mango

New to the addition of the volt bar series, double mango takes the much beloved mango and ups it a notch by combining it with other varieties of beefy and thick-bodied mangoes. The result is a sappy combination of full bodied flavours like never before. Mango never tastes this good!

3) Strawberry Grape

Terrific tangy strawberry candy that tastes sharper and brighter are highlighted further with grape candy. What a thrilling fruity combination perfect for vaping especially with its high menthol content.

Reviews of the top 3 Best flavours for Volt Bar Switch 12,000 (12K) disposable Pod

1) Strawberry Cream

Rich, velvety creaminess and the sweet, succulent flavour of ripe strawberries combine to make a smooth, enjoyable pleasure that will have you craving a delicious strawberry dessert!

2) Watermelon Ice

A refreshing and invigorating experience that combines the crisp and deliciously sweet taste of watermelon with a cool and icy sensation. When you vape this flavour, you'll encounter a harmonious and pleasing character of watermelons with a chilling menthol effect that only Volt Bar Switch can deliver.

3) Peach Mango

It's like a juicy dance party where ripe peaches and tangy mangoes come together for a refreshing and delightful treat in every puff. A nice menthol hit on the exhale completes the refreshment you will feel when vaping this.

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Our Volt Bar disposable pods are all about top-notch quality and crazy-good flavours. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned vaper, we've got you covered with a smooth and tasty experience. Join our growing crew of happy customers and dive into the Volt Bar vibe today!