WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vapetasia eJuice and Salt Nicotine

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Emerging onto the scene, Vapetasia swiftly ascended to become a prominent vapour e-liquid brand. Distinguished by their hallmark cream and custard blends, they ushered a delectable dimension into the world of vaping.

Review of the best selling Vapetasia products

1) Vapetasia X Air 6,000 Disposable Pod

A harmonious collaboration between Vapetasia and Air has resulted in the fusion of our top-tier flavours with a highly sought-after device boasting an impressive 6000 puff count. Showcasing 11 ml of exceptionally smooth salt nicotine and Vapetasia's renowned lineup of extraordinary flavours, each offering carries a strength of 5%. Enhanced by a mesh coil, the device can be conveniently recharged via a Type C connection (cable not provided). Catering to those who prefer a less sweet experience, this combination is designed to satisfy discerning preferences.

2) Vapetasia - Killer Kustard 

Dubbed "Killer Kustard" by Vapetasia, this e-liquid embodies an exceptionally creamy custard blend dominated by the essence of vanilla. A velvety, rich yellow custard with a reputation that precedes it in the industry. This remarkable custard flavour sets the standard. An ideal choice for indulging your dessert yearnings during a relaxing evening vape session.

3) Vapetasia - Killer Fruits Trapple

Presenting Vapetasia's Killer Fruits Trapple - an experience that surpasses any previous encounters with apple-flavoured e-juices. Imagine the fusion of three distinct apples into a singular masterpiece. This extraordinary concoction marries the essences of green apple, red apple, and golden apple, crafting an e-juice that exudes a refreshing and satisfying crispness, perfect for day-long indulgence. Notably, it's a mint-free blend, focusing solely on the harmonious amalgamation of mixed apple goodness.