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Here are some reviews on the best selling Tickets Brew Co vape juices:

1) Tickets Brew - Creme Brulee 

Tickets Brew Creme Brulee establishes the benchmark for a delectable, creamy custard foundation complemented by the perfect touch of caramelized sugar on the crust. Crafted for the most refined palates, it's a vape designed to capture the pure delight of indulging in a silky creme brulee with every puff. Upon exhaling, you'll relish the well-balanced, aromatic, and creamy clouds, devoid of excessive sweetness or heaviness. If you're a connoisseur of top-tier dessert e-liquids characterized by their silky smoothness, Tickets Brew Creme Brulee is sure to become a cherished favorite.

2) Tickets Brew - Mojito Berry - HTPC 

Indulge in the vibrant flavors of a mojito expertly shaken with a medley of mixed berries in this exquisite vape experience. Allow your palate to embark on a journey through refreshing notes of zesty limes, interwoven with the juicy sweetness of a diverse array of berries. With every satisfying puff, your tastebuds will awaken and come alive, immersed in the delightful fusion of citrusy tang and the natural sweetness of ripe berries.

3) Tickets Brew - brulee IV 

This classic French dessert comprises a luscious custard base crowned with caramelized sugar and adorned with slices of velvety banana. The likeness to a skillfully crafted creme caramel is truly remarkable. If you're seeking a truly enchanting creamy vape, delight in this flavor on your pod devices.

4) Tickets Brew - Vanilla Custard (Cremano Series) 

Tickets Brew introduced their Vanilla Custard masterpiece to the world in 2015. Since its debut, this 6mg vanilla custard e-juice has earned acclaim as one of Malaysia's premier pure vanilla custard concoctions. If you appreciate premium dessert e-liquids characterized by their seamless and velvety profiles, we believe this one will capture your admiration.