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Founded in May 2019 during the early stages of the vaping era, INFY, deriving inspiration from the concept of 'Infinity,' has firmly established itself as a prominent player within Malaysia's vaping community. Operating as a subsidiary of This Is Salts, their name embodies their dedication to simplicity and the delivery of premium products. At the core of INFY's identity lies the essence of 'Infinity,' symbolizing boundless flavor, quality, and innovation within the vaping sector. While their brand primarily caters to the forward-thinking Malaysian youth, aged 22-38, emphasizing quality, convenience, and an exceptional vaping experience, their appeal transcends this demographic, extending a warm welcome to anyone in search of a smoking alternative.

Flavour Reviews of This Is Salts flavours

1) This Is Salts - Lychee - Salt

A distinct and delightful taste that mirrors the unique qualities of the lychee fruit. This tropical fruit is renowned for its inherent sweetness, and when vaping a lychee-flavored e-liquid, you'll immediately notice this sugary sweetness, reminiscent of the ripe fruit. Beyond its sweetness, the flavour captures the intense fruitiness of lychee, offering the refreshing and satisfying essence of the juicy, translucent flesh.

2) This Is Salts - Grape - Salt

An essence of sweet and fruity grapes, providing vapers with an experience that closely resembles indulging in the real fruit. It's characterized by a pronounced sweetness, mirroring the natural sugars present in ripe grapes, making it an appealing choice for those who favor sweeter e-liquids. The vape juice offers a genuine fruitiness that replicates the juiciness and flavor of actual grapes, delivering a burst of fruity delight with each inhale.

3) This Is Salts - Honeydew - Salt

Captures the essence of the delectable honeydew melon, offering vapers a delightful taste experience. This tropical fruit boasts a subtly sweet and exceptionally juicy profile that is beautifully replicated in the vape juice. Upon inhaling, you'll encounter the refreshing and succulent notes of honeydew melon, reminiscent of biting into a perfectly ripe and chilled slice of the fruit. Its sweetness is not overwhelming, allowing for an enjoyable all-day vape.