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The Milkman

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The Milkman line of premium nicotine e-liquids was conceived in Los Angeles, drawing inspiration from the nostalgic, wholesome, and delectable milkshakes that evoke the imagery of 1950s American diners. However, this brand has evolved with fresh innovations and contemporary reinterpretations, catapulting it into a league far above and beyond its nostalgic origins.

Flavour reviews The Milkman E-juice

1) The Milkman - Original - Salt

The Milkman Original flavor stands as the quintessential taste that propelled The Milkman brand to global recognition. This signature flavor is a fusion of a comforting warm toasted fruit tart, luscious vanilla ice cream, and a generous pour of fresh milk. Its impeccable blend results in an extraordinary richness and creaminess, concluding with a velvety, fruit tart finish that leaves an indelible impression on your taste buds. It's an undeniably sensational flavor that resonates perfectly with discerning palates.

2) The Milkman - Watermelon - Salt

The great flavour of The Milkman Watermelon in nicotine salt form. Clean, fresh, light and zero menthol taste of fresh red watermelon. This Watermelon flavor meets The Milkman's high standard of excellence, and we’re sure it’ll meet yours too. Simple, straightforward but highly addictive.

3) The Milkman - Crumbleberry - Salt

Experience the exceptional taste of The Milkman Crumbleberry, now available in a salt nicotine formulation. This variation of The Milkman Crumbleberry combines zesty, tangy raspberries baked into a delightful crumble and crowned with indulgent, velvety cream. It offers an exquisitely airy and fruity dessert e-juice blend, delivering a delightful warm and creamy vaping experience.