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Steep Vapors

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Established in 2015, Steep Vapors hails from the sun-drenched landscapes of Southern California. It swiftly made its mark in the vaping world, solidifying its status as an essential choice in vape shops everywhere, all thanks to the introduction of their iconic e-liquid, Pop Deez. Steep Vapors proudly represents American craftsmanship in the realm of e-liquids designed for electronic cigarettes, and it's the unforgettable Pop Deez e-liquid that catapulted this brand to fame.

Review of Steep Vapors Pop Deez eliqud

Pop Deez, masterfully crafted by Steep Vapors, brings forth a timeless fusion of flavors, uniting the beloved companions of popcorn and caramel in a single, enchanting e-liquid. This creation pays homage to the classic taste of popcorn, a choice cherished by enthusiasts who have an affection for this cinema and netflix friendly flavour.

Pop Deez embodies the essence of bittersweet caramel entwined with the distinctive crunch of popcorn, resulting in a flavor symphony that's nothing short of fantastic. You also get notes of silky butter covering the popcorn flavour.Pop Deez by Steep Vapors encapsulates the nostalgia of enjoying a classic snack at the movies, delivering a delightful and heartwarming vape that is sure to leave you craving for more.