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Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the OPMH Project serves as a distributor of E-liquids. Their journey began in 2016, and since then, they have fostered collaborations with numerous vape shops within the United States and internationally. Currently, their liquid products are actively available across more than 45 countries worldwide, with their global presence continuing to expand. Operating as a family-run enterprise, the OPMH Project was established by their founding partner, Troy Leblanc, in response to a prevalent challenge in the vape industry—streamlining the process for shops to acquire the necessary juices for their customers. Boasting an array of sought-after brands, they provide access to top-selling products in the market, including their own lines: Watson, Fruit X, The Fountain, and more.

Review of the best selling E-juices for OPMH project

1) Primitive Vapor - Buttermilk Pie 

If the question of its identity arises, we can tell you're not acquainted with Southern culture. Nevertheless, you're in for a treat as well. Primitive Vapor's Buttermilk Pie flawlessly encapsulates the renowned Southern culinary heritage of Buttermilk Pie in e-liquid form. Envision a custard pie adorned with a caramelised sugar layer atop a velvety core. It's reminiscent of a creme brulee, complemented by a delightful buttery pie crust infusion. A taste that simply dissolves on your palate.

2) Primitive Vapor - Berry Milk Pie - Salt 

Renowned and acclaimed, Primitive Vapor's Buttermilk Pie takes the stage once again, this time graced with a layer of luscious strawberries. The masterfully harmonised Buttermilk Pie offers a delectable blend of savoury, creamy, and custardy flavours that defy comparison. Introduce freshly sliced strawberries into the mix, and you've got yourself Berrymilk Pie—an affectionate twist on the beloved buttermilk custard pie, now infused with sweet strawberry affection. It's a treat that's sure to dissolve on your taste buds, folks.

3) OPMH Project - Watson White Gold - Salt 

Meticulously curated for those intrigued by tobacco blends, we present a commendable fusion of cream and tobacco. OPMH Project's Watson is a testament to refined taste, offering a nuanced, premium, and utterly captivating tobacco experience. The tobacco base exhibits a unique personality—slightly nutty, mildly smoky, and profoundly smooth. Enhanced by generous cream notes, this vape juice ascends to new heights, marked by its balanced, non-cloying nature. Now available in a nicotine salt formulation tailored for your pod systems. Embrace one of the finest tobacco and velvety cream nicotine salts to grace the market.