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Established in 2015 within Tampin, Malaysia, NASTY Worldwide originated as a manufacturer of e-liquids. With a dedicated emphasis on pioneering flavor trends and innovative brand aesthetics, NASTY rapidly infiltrated global markets, cultivating a substantial fan base spanning Europe and the Americas. The brand's award-winning creations played a pivotal role in this impressive journey.

Flavour reviews of the best selling Nasty Juices

1) Nasty Juice - Tobacco Bronze Blend 

Nasty Juice Tobacco Bronze Blend is their version of the classic combination of vanilla, caramel and tobacco. Buttery, creamy and rich flavours combined with cured tobacco makes this one easy to enjoy for seasoned tobacco vapers and new to tobacco people alike.

2) Nasty Juice - Cushman 

Prepare for an impact of tropical mango flavor with Cush Man by Nasty Juice. An initial inhale envelops you in a sugary-sweet essence, followed by a touch of tangy undertones. Cushman showcases the robust character of succulent yellow mangoes, a definitive taste in Malaysia. It provides an unparalleled experience akin to relishing real, intensely flavorful yellow mangoes. The sweetness level strikes a pleasing medium balance, amplifying the flavor's essence. The aroma is nothing short of astounding—undeniably mango and exuding an intensely ripe fragrance that prompts clouds of lush scent upon exhaling.

3) Nasty Juice Trap Queen

Crafted with strawberry enthusiasts in mind, Nasty Juice Trap Queen caters to those who adore the vibrant fruit. In our assessment, the foundation of this flavor draws inspiration from the strawberry notes reminiscent of ice cream. Trap Queen exudes a subtle ice cream essence that invokes nostalgia, rendering it remarkably gratifying and effortlessly pleasurable.

4) Nasty Juice Bad Blood

The delightful and earthy essence of blackcurrant is artfully combined with a hint of mild mint, resulting in a revitalizing blackcurrant flavor that avoids any excessive sweetness.Picture the image of freshly harvested, juicy blackcurrants meticulously mashed and slow-steeped to extract every ounce of their sweet essence. This process is then carried out with utmost care to bottle this liquid, ensuring the preservation of its authentic flavor. With its gentle sweetness, Nasty Juice Bad Blood offers an opportunity to produce voluminous, flavorful clouds from your vaping device, leaving you singing praises for its remarkable taste. Allow the essence of this exquisite fruit flavor to flow through you, as Nasty Juice Bad Blood offers an experience that's nothing short of pure fruit bliss. If you have a penchant for vaping blackcurrants bursting with invigorating freshness, this innovative creation by Nasty Juice is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.With Nasty's signature soda pop feeling, this ejuice promises to fizzle in your mouth its ultra clear flavour profile that makes it easy to vape for hours on end.

5) Nasty Juice Asap Grape

Nasty Juice Asap Grape centers around the timeless and recognizable essence of grapes, complemented by the classic effervescence of soda pop. Within this e-juice, Nasty Juice meticulously gathers plump, freshly picked black grapes and mingles them with an assortment of ripe berries, crafting an exquisite grape juice. Our taste testing reveals a grape flavor akin to that found in grape drinks or cordials—reminiscent, delectable, and richly sweet. The exhale is elegantly enhanced by berry undertones, concocting a flavor profile that's nothing short of mind-blowing. It's worth noting that the berry aspect seamlessly blends with the grape, resulting in a harmoniously delicious vaping experience.

Furthermore, the irresistible soda-pop fizziness you encounter when vaping this e-juice is a true delight. It imparts an effervescent quality, akin to the sensation of sipping on an actual soda beverage. From the first inhale, Nasty Juice Asap Grape brings immense enjoyment, promising satisfaction until the very last drop.