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Situated in Huntington Beach, California, Naked 100 is committed to delivering a premium substitute for traditional cigarettes to legal adult smokers. Their dedication to exceptional customer service, ongoing innovation, and efforts to counter underage usage through education underscore Naked 100's mission. Their aspiration is to surpass conventional notions of a vape enterprise by consistently exceeding public anticipations. As a dynamic entity within an evolving sector, their primary objective revolves around catering to our customers' requisites and inquiries, ensuring an unwaveringly gratifying and top-tier experience.

Naked 100 aims to educate, provide anti-minor material, and encourage retailers to follow legal and ethical practices by verifying the age of all customers purchasing vapor products. Naked 100 is also very committed to supporting and giving back to the vape industry. Whether it’s donating to and participating in advocacy organizations, staying at the forefront of regulation compliance, or launching campaigns like our #No2Minors initiative, they are always looking for new ways to help.


Naked 100 Berry (formerly Very Cool)

Berry (formerly Very Cool) by Naked 100 is an exquisite composition of ripe and tart blackberries, sweet and plump raspberries and bouncy blue blueberries with an added dash of menthol. Berries and a nice mentholated exhale makes this easy and pleasurable to vape. For fans of berries that want something with low sweetness for a long vaping session, you simply cannot go wrong with Berry by Naked 100.

Naked 100 Strawberry Pom (formerly Brain Freeze)

On the inhale a rush of that strawberry juice flavour will delight your taste buds with its authentic taste. Tangy kiwis are next to follow as they dance across your tongue. On the exhale, juicy pomegranates blended with a menthol base and provide a refreshing taste. From the first inhale you will not be able to get enough of Strawberry POM by Naked 100. A fruity sensation with low sweetness that is totally vapeable anytime of the day. A classic flavour by Naked 100 and one you should definitely try.

Naked 100 Lava Flow

Lava flow features a distinct blended infusion of rich strawberries swirled with a tropical tasting creamy coconut and pineapples in one mighty, exuberant flavour profile. The zero mint profile is designed to give you nothing but pure and smooth flavours with little throat hit. A tropically inspired ejuice that promises to create waves of flavours in your mouth as each delicate flavour awakens and alerts your tastebuds.

Naked 100 Cuban Blend Tobacco

Cuban Blend by Naked 100 presents a top-shelf, Cuban-grade cigar flavour with heave scents of bold tobacco. Enjoy the richness and taste of Cuban cigars right from your vape device. Zero mint, and zero sweetness with a pure smoky tobacco that isn't too rich or overpowering for novices of tobacco. Be amazed by Cuban Blend with its prominent earthiness that evokes notes of wood, leather, and the earth itself, providing a deep and grounding taste.

Naked 100 Euro Gold Tobacco

Filled with the most gratifying essence, Euro Gold from Naked 100 Tobacco stands as a vape juice that guarantees satisfaction with every inhalation. This meticulously balanced fusion crafts the very taste you've yearned for. For those in search of an exceptional vape juice that delivers the cherished essence of tobacco, Euro Gold stands as the prime choice.

What is the flavor profile of Naked 100 Tobacco's Euro Gold? Euro Gold by Naked 100 Tobacco mirrors precisely the classic tobacco taste you hold dear, now captured within the realm of vape juice. It masterfully reproduces the genuine tobacco essence, ensuring contentment abd satisfaction in each inhale. This remarkable vape juice undoubtedly earns a spot in your collection if you're seeking an alternative to traditional cigarettes or simply relish the flavor of tobacco.

Naked 100 Max Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice under the new Naked 100 Max series brings back the classic and loved by many flavour of juicy ruby red strawberries. Being as simple as can be, this is a salt nicotine that just tastes elegantly executed - it has the 3 dimensions you want from a good strawberry ejuice which are some sourness, richness and taste (without being too sweet). Strawberry is a delightful blend of sweet and slightly tart notes that evoke the essence of ripe, succulent berries. It's a universally cherished taste that embodies the freshness of summertime. Imagine a burst of luscious juiciness with a delicate balance of natural sugars and a hint of tanginess. Layered with a good dash of icy menthol, Strawberry Ice by Naked 100 Max could be your next salt nicotine on rotation.

Naked 100 Max Berries Ice

Berries Ice under the new Naked 100 Max series will let you savour a trifecta of perfect summer berries picked at peak ripeness. Let the sugary and tart flavours from blueberries, blackberries and raspberries excite your tastebuds. The gentle tanginess that accompanies the sweetness of blueberries provides a pleasant contrast, reminiscent of the berry's inherent aroma. Then, the tanginess of blackberries adds a layer of depth to the overall taste, keeping the palate engaged and intrigued. To round it off, the aroma of raspberries will enchant your senses with its bright acidity and gentle aromas. Lastly, the cool dose of menthol on the exhale will help you cool off in summer heat.

Naked 100 Max Apple Ice

Apple Ice under the new Naked 100 Max series gives the amazing taste of crisp, clean and perfectly identifiable mixed apple flavour with a summer icy kick on the exhale. The initial impression is that of a delicate yet assertive sweetness, as if the sun itself has infused the fruit with its golden warmth. This sweetness is a celebration of orchard perfection, a moment when the apple reaches its peak of ripeness. The sugary apple flavours are tender and inviting; an invitation to indulge in nature's confection. With Naked 100 Max Apple Ice, you will be vaping one of the best apple flavours in the market today.