WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mary Jane - Private Stock Vape Juices & Nicotine Salts

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Here are some reviews of the best selling Mary Jane - Private Stock vape juices:

1) Private Stock-Strawberry Buttercream - HTPC 

This flavour lets you experience the sweet, natural taste of ripe strawberries. As the vapor envelops your palate, a velvety buttercream note emerges, creating a harmonious blend of fruity sweetness and creamy richness. The exhale leaves a lingering, dessert-like aftertaste. It's a delightful, indulgent vaping experience made by Private Stock.

2) Mary Jane - Sour Mango Smoothies - Salt 

Mary Jane's Sour Mango Smoothie Vape Juice is a burst of ripe, tangy mango flavor with a creamy twist. It's like sipping on a tropical mango smoothie, refreshing and satisfying, leaving a hint of sweetness on your palate. Enjoy a taste of paradise with every vape.

3) Mary Jane - Apple Pear Squeeze - HTPC 

Mary Jane's Apple Pear Squeeze Vape Juice delivers a crisp fusion of sweet apple and juicy pear. It's a refreshing blend that balances the fruity flavors perfectly, offering a delightful vaping experience reminiscent of biting into a freshly picked apple and pear. Each inhale is a crisp, flavorful delight that satisfies your taste buds with a touch of natural sweetness. A vape that's crisp, sweet, and utterly refreshing, making it an ideal choice for fruit enthusiasts.

4) Private Stock - Honey Vanilla Tobacco - salt 

Private Stock's Honey Vanilla Tobacco Vape Juice is a harmonious blend of rich tobacco infused with the warmth of honey and the smoothness of vanilla. It offers a balanced, mellow flavor profile with a touch of sweetness. Each inhale delivers the robust essence of fine tobacco, complemented by the gentle sweetness of honey and the creamy notes of vanilla. This vape juice provides a refined and satisfying experience for those who appreciate a classic tobacco taste with a subtle twist of indulgence.

5) Private Stock - Butterscotch Hazenut Coffee - Salt

Private Stock has a knack for crafting velvety concoctions that lean towards a subtle sweetness, and their latest creation is no exception. This nicotine salt blend boasts a foundation of indulgent butterscotch and hazelnut, featuring pronounced nuances of creaminess and nuttiness that tantalize the palate. A subtle hint of coffee gracefully rounds out the blend, making it a superb choice for those seeking a dessert-inspired nicotine salt that hits all the right notes.