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Mad Alchemists E-liquids

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Hailing from Malaysia, Mad Alchemists is a reputable producer of top-tier vape juices, meticulously crafted within an ISO Lab to guarantee the utmost product excellence. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, their dessert series has become a staple in numerous vape shops throughout Malaysia. Mad Alchemists is celebrated for their irresistibly creamy vape juices, renowned for their exceptional quality and addictive flavors.

Review of the best selling Mad Alchemists flavours

1) Mad Alchemists - Scarlet Berry Vanilla

The creative geniuses at Mad Alchemists proudly introduce their take on the classic strawberry and vanilla shortcake. Packed with sumptuous creaminess, this delectable treat features a rich, dense cake base complemented by a luscious, sweet scarlet strawberry topping.

2) Mad Alchemists - Magnum Berry Cheesecake - Salt

The inventive visionaries at Mad Alchemists proudly unveil their dessert-inspired vape juice, a tantalizing blend of velvety cheesecake adorned with a luscious berry sauce crafted from succulent strawberries and blueberries. With their inception dating back to 2015, Mad Alchemists has become an integral part of the Malaysian vaping landscape, making them an essential choice for aficionados of dessert-infused nicotine salt creations. Now available in an innovative nicotine salt formulation, this is a must-try for enthusiasts seeking an indulgent vaping experience.

3) Mad Alchemists - Royal Berry

The ingenious creators at Mad Alchemists have concocted a truly exceptional vaping experience with their latest masterpiece. This extraordinary blend entices the senses with a luxurious, velvety banana cream infusion, expertly complemented by a delightful mixed berry drizzle that adds a burst of fruity complexity. It's a harmonious symphony of flavors that dances on the palate, delivering a perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess. Beyond its delectable taste, this creation also promises an exceptional and satisfying throat hit, ensuring that every inhale is a rewarding and indulgent experience. Mad Alchemists continues to push the boundaries of vape innovation, and this creamy banana and mixed berry delight is a testament to their dedication to crafting extraordinary e-liquids that delight vapers worldwide.