WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Established in 2014, LANAVAPE emerges as a subsidiary brand under Shenzhen LANA Technology Co Limited. Its market footprint extends across Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, The Philippines, China Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other regions. Within a span of just 7 years, the brand has cultivated a favorable standing, attributed to its consistent and admirable product quality, coupled with punctual post-sale services.

Review of the best selling flavours for LANAVAPE PEN 2000 Disposable Pod

1) Sweet Peach

Merging the essence of ripe peaches, this blend delivers a subtly chilly, sweet surge that is remarkably revitalizing. The flavor boasts a distinct richness, rendering it an exceptional choice for enthusiasts who relish the allure of peach fragrances.

2) Cold Coke

Much like savoring a frosty carbonated beverage—refreshing and exhilarating. The taste continually charms the palate, evoking a sensation as bracing as riding ocean waves. Individuals who appreciate Coca-Cola might find it worthwhile to explore this option. It's absolutely frosty.

3) Mineral Water

Uniquely bracing and revitalizing. Infused with the essence of iceberg spring water, it delivers an intense polar frost, reminiscent of both the North and South Poles. This bold selection distinguishes itself by providing an Arctic-like exhale, setting it apart from conventional flavors.

4) Tie Guan Yin Tea

Combines the subtle notes of Tieguanyin tea, infusing it with the delightful aroma of tea. This flavour is slightly sweet and possesses that signature jasmine type flavour that puts it into the realm of a great asian tea vape. A great vape for tea lovers who like it cold.

5) Skittles

This vaping experience transports you to a world where a kaleidoscope of fruity flavors converge, creating an explosion of mixed fruit sweetness that mirrors the sensation of popping a handful of your all-time favorite candies. Close your eyes and envision the joyful act of enjoying a handful of Skittles, each piece brimming with its own unique burst of flavor. Cold and sharp on the exhale.

6) Mango Milkshake

This extraordinary vape encapsulates the essence of indulging in a luscious mango milkshake, delivering a taste journey that's nothing short of spectacular. The creamy undertones provide a soothing and satisfying note that balances the experience. The result is a taste journey that's both invigorating and indulgent—a true carnival of flavors. Cold to the last drop.

Review of the best selling flavours for LANAVAPE PEN PLUS 9000 Disposable Pod

1) Taro Ice Cream

Prepare to be captivated by the harmonious blend of earthy and subtly nutty taro, seamlessly interwoven with the lusciously creamy texture of cold ice cream. This flavor profile promises an experience that transcends the ordinary, making it a superb choice when you find yourself yearning for an indulgent dessert-inspired vaping journey.

2) Apple

Indulge in the enchanting flavor of crisp and succulent apples, a sensory journey that mirrors the sensation of biting into a just-picked, perfectly ripened fruit. Each inhale unveils the remarkable essence of apples, capturing their natural sweetness and invigorating crunch with astounding accuracy. As you savor this flavor, envision the orchards in their full glory, the very embodiment of nature's bounty.

3) Strawberry Milk

A fusion of childhood nostalgia and a creamy dreamscape; envision a strawberry milkshake disco for your palate. Undoubtedly among the finest medium-cooling strawberry milk options available. This top-tier flavor is effortlessly enjoyable throughout the day, boasting exceptional quality.

4) Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of flavors with a dynamic fusion that intertwines the zing of tart blue raspberry and the lush sweetness of pomegranate. This carefully crafted combination results in a symphony of taste that is not only vibrant but exquisitely balanced, offering a remarkable flavor profile that engages the senses in a tantalizing dance of sensations. You get sweet blue rapsberry flavours on the first inhale and ss the journey continues, the luxurious embrace of pomegranate emerges, infusing the blend with a layer of indulgent sweetness that complements the blue raspberry's tartness. It's an interplay of flavors that strikes the perfect equilibrium, ensuring that each inhale is an experience to savor.

5) Mixed Fruit

With a distinct mix of red apples, yellow pears and juicy oranges at the forefront - wow this tastes amazing. It tastes like something of a party fruit punch with other fruits like kiwi, grapes and peaches blended in the mix. Bold with a light cooling sensation on the exhale without being annoyingly sweet.

6) Watermelon

Imagine sinking your teeth into a slice of perfectly ripe watermelon, the sweet nectar bursting forth with each bite. This vaping sensation replicates that very moment, capturing the natural sweetness and juiciness that's emblematic of this beloved fruit. The taste is both invigorating and satisfying, making it an ideal choice for those moments when you're seeking a refreshing vaping journey.