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Established in 2014 with the aim of furnishing adult smokers with a safer option, US Army Veteran James Kim and entrepreneur Jon Lee joined forces to launch Kilo E-Liquids. This venture significantly redefines the vaping landscape through the introduction of highly anticipated premium e-liquids. As a result, Kilo E-Liquids has forged a path that led to the creation of multiple brands, now recognized as the Kilo Series, accruing over 15 prestigious awards. Progressing steadily, the brand incorporates its distribution arm, Kilo Distribution, Inc., to further amplify its presence. Across more than 50 countries, Kilo E-Liquids products extend a helping hand to smokers globally, guiding them towards a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. And this is just the initial step. Kilo remains a beacon of innovation, steadfastly honoring the foundational values instilled by its founders: Passion, Integrity, Sophistication, Creativity, and Patience, all the while propelling the drive for a world free from traditional cigarettes.

Flavour Reviews of Top Selling Kilo E-Liquids

1) Kilo - Dewberry Cream TFN Series

Dewberry Cream from KILO E-liquids presents a captivating blend featuring honeydew cream complemented by a gentle fusion of tangy mixed berries—strawberries and blueberries—emerging upon exhale. For those seeking a collection of light, creamy flavors perfect for extended vaping sessions, Kilo stands as a promising option worth considering. This vape juice promises to be unlike anything you've ever had before.

2) Kilo - Kiberry Yogurt Original Series

Kiberry Yogurt by Kilo encapsulates the essence of ripe strawberries, velvety yogurt cream, and a subtle infusion of kiwi fruit. The profile strikes a balance between tangy and creamy, as anticipated, with a delicate sweetness drawn from freshly macerated strawberries.

3) Kilo - Honey Milk Moo Series

Confide in Kilo E-liquids to craft this impeccable fusion, skillfully combining the essence of refreshing milk with a hint of honey's sweetness. As you exhale, a subtle, thick honey note complements the foundation of milk's sheer excellence. This composition leaves you yearning for additional draws and is remarkably smooth for prolonged enjoyment, devoid of any overwhelming sweetness that could swiftly desensitize your palate