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Founded in mid-2017 by the creators of Witchcraft Brewing Co., Kardinal e-liquids defied norms in an industry saturated with flavours. Born out of a mission to offer a safer alternative to cigarettes, Kardinal introduced a refined tobacco series that gained rapid popularity in the UK before returning to Malaysia in 2018. Despite its brief existence, Kardinal is now available in 30+ countries, celebrated for its sophisticated presentation. Evolving from its tobacco roots, Kardinal is showcasing its artistry with new flavour blends, maintaining a premium image and appeal.

Flavour Review of Best Selling Kardinal E-juices

1) Kardinal - Vainilla Primera Series - HTPC 

Vanilla by Kardinal presents a distinctive and timeless interpretation of the delightful fusion between vanilla, custard, and tobacco. It begins with a velvety and satisfying essence of sweet, creamy vanilla custard, leading to a luxurious culmination featuring fine tobacco notes and a subtle undertone of toasted almond. The Primera Series, tailored for high throat hits and pod compatibility (HTPC), delivers robust flavours and minimal vapour production. It's an ideal choice for replicating the cigarette experience on various pod systems, particularly mouth-to-lung devices with a restricted airflow draw.

2) Kardinal - La Baya Primera Series - HTPC 

La Baya by Kardinal encapsulates a flawless harmony, uniting the sweetness and tang of blueberries with the lusciousness of ripe bananas, all enveloped within gentle tiers of mellow tobacco. The Primera Series, designed for high throat hits and pod compatibility (HTPC), offers a robust throat hit, pronounced flavours, and minimal vapour output. Tailored to emulate the cigarette experience, this is particularly suited for any pod system, particularly mouth-to-lung devices characterised by a more constrained, controlled airflow draw.

3) Kardinal - Java Primera Series - HTPC 

Experience a golden hour delight with Kardinal Java. Evoking a sense of comfort and recognition, it presents a subtly roasted fusion of fragrant coffee beans intertwined with refined tobacco and a harmoniously subtle creaminess. The Primera Series, formulated for high throat hits and pod compatibility (HTPC), ensures a more pronounced throat hit, robust flavours, and minimal vapour output. Particularly suitable for emulating the cigarette experience on various pod systems, especially those featuring mouth-to-lung devices with a more confined, controlled airflow draw.