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Established in 2015, "Ice King" emerged as a significant player in the realm of vaping, carving its niche through innovation and dedication. Originating with a vision to redefine the vaping experience, the brand embarked on a journey to craft exceptional e-liquids that would captivate the senses and elevate the vaping community. With a commitment to quality and a relentless pursuit of perfection, "Ice King" swiftly gained recognition for its unique approach to blending flavors and its emphasis on providing a refreshing and invigorating sensation. As the years passed, "Ice King" continued to evolve, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards within the industry. Its history is one of unwavering passion and continuous exploration, resulting in a brand that remains synonymous with innovation, excellence, and an unparalleled icy freshness.

Reviews of the best selling Ice King E-juices

1) Misery Ice King - Pink Ice - Salt

Experience the flavor of strawberry candy intertwined with an intense menthol chill for a frozen sensation with Pink Ice. Crafted exclusively for those who have an affinity for robust menthol, Pink Ice is proudly presented by Ice King.

2) Misery Ice King - Black (Silver) Ice 

Renamed as Misery Silver Ice (previously known as Black Ice), this e-liquid delivers the timeless fusion of mango and blackcurrant, intensified by a potent menthol surge for an icy sensation. Tailored exclusively for ardent menthol enthusiasts, Misery presents this exhilarating blend. The distinctive bluish hue of this 6mg freebase eliquid is readily absorbed by your cotton, foretelling an experience of unprecedented ultra-candy flavor.

3) Misery Ice King - Root Beer Ice - Salt

Introducing Misery Root Beer Ice (also known as Blue Ice), a flavor profile that embodies the essence of frothy root beer complemented by an intense menthol frost. With its authentic and sweet root beer taste, this selection stands as an exceptional choice for those seeking a beverage-inspired vape flavor. Designed exclusively for fervent menthol enthusiasts, Misery presents this distinct creation.