WARNING: These products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Greetings, vape enthusiasts and connoisseurs of flavor alike! We are thrilled to introduce our collection of Fruit Vape Juice Flavors—a symphony of nature's finest fruit extracts meticulously crafted for your vaping pleasure. Whether you're an experienced vaper seeking intricate profiles or new to the world of vaping, our selection offers an array of options to captivate your palate.

In this collection, we have artfully captured the essence of succulent fruits, delivering a vaping experience that is both sophisticated and satisfying. Our commitment to quality ensures that each puff unveils the authentic, fruity taste you crave.

But that's not all! We invite you to explore our freebase vape juice options crafted both in Malaysia and the USA. Our fruit flavors encompass a spectrum, including single fruit, mixed fruit, and beverages that lean toward the fruitier side of vaping.

A Guide to Freebase Vape Juice 

Freebase nicotine vape juice, often called regular vape juice, is a classic blend that includes freebase nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring. Freebase nicotine stands as another form of nicotine and is the prevalent choice for e-liquids. Freebase nicotine ejuice is suitable for people who enjoy vaping and want to vape at lower nicotine concentrations..

What is in freebase vape juice?

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol (PG), which is also safely used in products such as cosmetics, foods, and medicine, is a common ingredient in vaping products like E-Cigarettes and vape juices. It helps create the vapor when heated and carries flavors, colors, and nicotine for a smooth smoking experience.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin is a safe organic compound found in cosmetics, food, and medicines. Like Propylene Glycol, it's used to dilute and enhance products. However, it's thicker, retains moisture, and creates denser vapor without the same throat sensation as Propylene Glycol.


Nicotine is a harmful liquid extracted from tobacco. In small amounts, it acts as a stimulant and is utilized in vape juice in a diluted form.


Vape juice flavors are specially designed for vaping. They're diluted to provide a pleasant experience. You can find a variety of flavors, some made from natural ingredients and others using synthetic flavours to mimic specific tastes.

Is freebase nicotine right for me? 

If your vaping isn't solely driven by quitting smoking and getting a nicotine rush, or if you’re looking to lower your nicotine intake, you might choose freebase nicotine. At lower strengths of 3mg and 6mg, it will give you low nicotine absorption. It can deliver slower nicotine absorption compared to nicotine salts for users that are looking for this kind of effect. Freebase nicotine e-liquids still offers a wide array of unique flavor combinations. 

Whats the best type of device to use for freebase nicotine?

Freebase nicotine e-liquids are better suited for high-powered, high-wattage mods, or sub-ohm devices. Sub ohm refers to vaping at below 1.0 ohm of resistance (like 0.2ohm), hence the term. If you're a cloud enthusiast seeking an advanced vaping experience, we recommend opting for freebase nicotine. 

E-liquids boasting a PG/VG ratio of 70/30 or 80/20 or 50/50 are ideally suited for high-powered mod devices. These e-liquids are great for producing voluminous clouds but demand increased power from the device to achieve a robust flavor profile.

What is the suitable range of watts for a freebase nicotine flavour?

Ultimately finding the right power level would depend on your tastebuds and personal preference. Many devices start firing at 40w all the way up to 200w. Depending on the coils you are using, that would determine the ideal power range to use. For example, a 0.5ohm coil would fire at 20-35watts, while a 0.2ohm coil would fire at 50-88watts. Part of the fun of vaping is experimentation, so you have to try different coils and setups to see what coil and power range would achieve the best flavour from the ejuice you are vaping. A 0.5ohm coil setup is an ideal place to start for many ejuices.

If you're aiming to manage or reduce your nicotine consumption, particularly if you've been vaping for an extended period, Freebase Nicotine flavours offers a fantastic opportunity to savor a diverse array of flavours while decreasing your nicotine potency. Plus, you won't experience the intense throat sensation associated with higher nicotine levels.

What are examples of high powered devices for freebase nicotine?

If you are looking for a high powered device to smoke your freebase nicotine, Punk Juice has got you covered! Here are some of the devices that we offer:



Review of the best selling Fruit Vape juice

Fcukin Flava - Fcukin Munkey Adv Series

Discover the enduring bestseller from Fcukin Flava, an absolute must-try. Inside this bottle of delectable goodness, you'll encounter generous slices of honeydew, skillfully blended with a prominent note of bubblegum candy and a touch of cooling ice cubes for a pleasantly mild chilling sensation. Fcukin Flava's Fcukin Munkey presents a honeydew flavor that's perfectly ripe, tender, and utterly luscious. It stands out as one of the most sought-after honeydew renditions, striking a delightful balance between fruity and slightly creamy. When paired with the unique and unmistakable bubblegum essence upon exhale, it's no wonder this classic e-juice recipe catapulted them to fame, particularly in Europe. We're confident you'll relish the taste of Fcukin Flava's Fcukin Munkey throughout the day—it truly qualifies as an all-day vape that's anything but ordinary. Not only will your taste buds thank you, but your wallet will appreciate it too!

Fcukin Flava - Philippines Mango Adv Series

Fcukin Flava's Philippine Mango Vape Juice is a tropical delight that captures the luscious essence of sun-kissed Philippine mangoes. With each inhale, experience the vibrant, sweet notes of ripe mangoes, transporting your palate to a sunny island getaway. It's a vaping experience that's pure, fruity, and utterly satisfying.

Horny Flava - Pomberry 

Horny Flava Pomberry boasts a delightful fusion of strawberry, exotic mangosteen, and melon as its primary flavors. When vaping at a 0.5ohm setup, it evokes the sensation of sipping on a tropical fruit punch. The dominant and easily recognizable note is the luscious taste of strawberry jam. Mangosteen and melon, while present, provide subtle supporting roles in this fruit punch medley. Pinpointing the exact flavor of mangosteen can be challenging due to its unique nature. Overall, this e-juice leaves a favorable impression as a tasty tropical fruit punch blend.

CloudyOFunky - Bubblegum Queen Watermelon

Bubblegum Queen brings the joy of vaping back with its delightful bubblegum base flavor. The bubblegum essence is sweet, refreshing, and authentically captures the fun of chewing real bubblegum. This well-executed recipe strikes the perfect balance of sweetness and character, delivering an experience that's akin to enjoying actual bubblegum. Adding to the excitement, there's a mid-level coolness that provides a refreshing icy finish. The watermelon flavor complements this with a familiar taste reminiscent of watermelon candy. CloudOFunky's bubblegum e-juices are designed for a playful and enjoyable vaping experience, and Bubblegum Queen hits the mark.

Fcukin Flava - Freezy Grapes Adv Series 

Introducing Freezy Grape by Fcukin Flava: A grape-inspired vape juice that's refreshingly cool. Taste the sweet, juicy grapes with a frosty twist. It's like sipping on an ice-cold grape slushy on a hot day. Get ready for a burst of fruity goodness with a chilly exhale. Enjoy the grapevine experience with a refreshing Freezy Grape vape.

Nasty Juice - Bad Blood 

Nasty Juice Bad Blood is a globally coveted fruity sensation, blending the sweetness and earthiness of blackcurrants to perfection. Crafted for maximum flavor impact, this vape offers a refreshing blackcurrant experience with a touch of low mint, creating a balanced and delightful fruitiness without overwhelming sweetness.

Nasty Juice - Double Apple Shisha Series 

Indulge in the exotic allure of Nasty Juice's Double Apple Shisha vape juice. Experience the harmonious blend of crisp, sweet red apples and the rich, earthy tones of green apples. It's like taking a puff from a traditional shisha pipe, with that herbally aftertaste of aniseed to enhance the apple taste.

Dr Brew - Rude Beer 

Dr. Brew's Rude Beer is the epitome of exceptional e-juice. It delivers an instantly recognizable and delightful root beer experience in one of the smoothest blends we've ever encountered. This iconic vape is impeccably chilled for a refreshing indulgence. Your first puff will be etched in your memory, and you'll savor the wonder it brings with every vape.