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Fcukin Flava are one of the most well known brands in Malaysia. Hailing from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, these guys started small with their 30ml glass dropper bottles with one product line to now with five massively popular product lines consisting of the All-Day Vape Series, Cream Series, FFX Series, OP Juice Series and Nic Salt Series. “We Bend, We Don’t Break” is the company’s motto and their quality e juices and exciting products are a testament to how far they’ve come.

Top selling flavors like Fcukin Munkey (honeydew bubblegum), Yummay Guava (pink guava) and Freezy Mango (young green mango) have been a staple of their line-up since launching in 2013. Like many Malaysian e juice brands, they were testing and selling their products in Malaysia first before expanding overseas. Through the years, Fcukin Flava have successfully put their products into the hands of many vapers throughout the world - in France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Bahrain, Kuwait and many other countries. Most notably, Fcukin Munkey is a honeydew bubble gum flavor that made Fcukin Flava in UK into a household name. Their fruit flavors are highly sought after as they strike the perfect balance between being flavorful with a medium sweetness and a satisfying cooling chill. Time for you to give it a try too and be amazed by the quality and consistency that only Fcukin Flava can bring. Punkjuice allows you to shop for fcukin flava online - securely, affordably and fast!

Fcukin Flava Vape E-liqiud Flavor Reviews

Fcukin Munkey

Seriously one of the best honeydew bubblegum flavours out in the market. Fragrant honeydew, with a sweet, silky and slippery mouthfeel combined with a bubblegum candy aftertaste on the exhale. So easy to fall in love with this ejuice on the first puff. The taste of a honeydew bubblegum vape liquid combines the refreshing and subtle sweetness of honeydew melon with the nostalgic, sugary essence of bubblegum. It's as if the juicy honeydew has been coated in a sugary bubblegum layer, creating a harmonious blend of fruity and candy-like flavors. Just great to vape if you ask us!

Philippines Mango

Once you've filled your vape tank and taken a satisfying, deep inhale, you'll experience a distinct essence of ripe yellow mango, accompanied by a gentle and pleasantly sweet aftertaste reminiscent of tropical fruits. This enigmatic flavor profile imparts an intriguing twist to the familiar yellow mango taste, elevating it beyond the ordinary. It introduces a captivating complexity, infusing the mango flavor with a unique charm that resonates with the allure of tropical islands or the vibrant notes of a mixed fruit punch. This e-juice is designed with the aim of becoming your preferred fruit vape liquid. Fcukin Flava Philippines Mango boasts a moderate level of sweetness and a touch of menthol, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts of mango flavors. It's a vaping experience that remains enjoyable until the very last drop, promising a sensation that captures the essence of ripe mango while delivering a delightful and refreshing twist.

Yummay Guava

Upon inhaling, you're greeted with the distinctive taste of pink guava. The flavor is vibrant and tropical, delivering a sweet and tangy sensation that's characteristic of the fruit. It's as if you've bitten into a juicy, ripe pink guava, experiencing its unique blend of sweetness and slight tartness. As you exhale, the sweetness of the pink guava remains prominent, accompanied by a slightly floral and aromatic undertone. The overall taste is refreshing and invigorating, with a lingering fruitiness that dances on your palate. The vape juice aims to capture the essence of the fruit, offering a vaping experience that closely resembles the natural flavor of pink guava. Try Yummay Guava from fcukin flava to get the taste of an immensely exotic tropical island vibe.

Strawberry Jello

What sets Fcukin Flava Strawberry Jello apart is its unique and delightful jello effect during the exhale. This exceptional feature creates a sensation akin to playfully biting into the clouds you release while vaping. This distinct jello effect enhances the overall vaping journey, adding a layer of novelty and pleasure to each exhale. Notably, this version distinguishes itself from traditional strawberry jello flavors by incorporating an additional element—an enjoyable cooling chill. In terms of sweetness, Fcukin Flava Strawberry Jello strikes a balance with a medium level of sweetness, catering to a wide range of preferences.This e-juice promises a candy-like strawberry flavor, reminiscent of the delightful strawberry taste found in sweets, candies, and luscious strawberry jam. When coupled with the captivating jello effect, the masterful team at Fcukin Flava deserves praise for crafting this remarkable recipe. Over time, it has evolved into a bona fide classic in the realm of e-liquids.