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Established in April 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, COF Industry Sdn Bhd emerged as a pioneering force within the e-liquid industry, extending its services to millions of customers across over 33 nations worldwide. COF Industry is synonymous with offering an unparalleled and velvety vaping experience. The brand's exceptional product lineup is celebrated for its top-notch quality and a selection of delectably premium flavors. With a portfolio of 33 flavors already developed, COF Industry remains dedicated to creating unique e-juices brimming with lavish tastes, while its journey of innovation continues unabated.

Flavour reviews of the Best selling COF E-juice

1) CloudyOFunky - Bubblegum Queen Watermelon

Bubblegum Queen rekindles the joy of vaping through its playful use of bubblegum as the core flavor. This rendition presents a sweet, chilled, and delightful essence. The impeccable execution of this bubblegum formula captures authenticity, striking the perfect balance of sweetness and distinct character. It genuinely evokes the sensation of indulging in actual bubblegum. A touch of cooling nuances imparts a moderately icy conclusion, offering a refreshing cool-down effect.

2) CloudyOFunky - Arctic Mango Supercool Series

CloudyOFunky's Arctic Mango delivers the essence of ripe, succulent mangoes with every inhale. Notably, they enhance the experience with generous heaps of ice, creating an intensely chilly mango flavor. This e juice from CloudyOFunky is thoughtfully crafted for enthusiasts who relish ultra-cold fruity profiles, rich in taste and flavor, despite the icy exhale that brings a numbingly cool sensation.

3) CloudyOFunky - Bubblegum Queen Peach - HTPC 

The peach flavor showcased here is exceptional, reminiscent of peach candy and embodying the anticipated sweetness of ripe peaches. Designed to be a delightful and effortless vaping experience, CloudOFunky seems to have perfected this assortment of bubblegum High Throat Hit Pod Compatible (HTPC) juices.