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Cloud Niners e juice are by Vapesauce, are one of the biggest and most reputable brands in the Malaysian vaping industry. Inspired by graffiti street art, their creations aim to excite, please and captivate vapers across the globe. You can spot Cloud Niners e juice a mile away - they have a signature look with an all white bottle with rounded white bottle caps. Their blue and green colorful signature graffiti labels also make them instantly recognisable.

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Being a common sight in many reputable vape shops across Malaysia, it’s no accident that Cloud Niners e juice have been accepted with acclaim by many vapers. Their specialty are fruit creations but with a unique creamy twist. Some have compared their creations to be something like fruit yogurt. While their juices are creamy, we won’t say that it’s always yogurt based. They have their own unique recipe which gives a creamy effect without being easily identified as a yogurt. You just have to try a few to know what we mean! 

For 2019, they also have released their nicotine salt series which are designed to be used together with pod devices. Featuring flavors of tobacco apple, mango, pineapple, honeydew and grapes, it’s never been easier for you to shop for Cloud Niners e juice online than ever before and get it shipped to you fast!

Time for you to give it this amazing Malaysian e juice brand a try too and be amazed by the quality and consistency that they bring. Punkjuice allows you to shop for cloud niners e juice online - securely, affordably and fast!

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