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BLVK Unicorn

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Hailing from Los Angeles, California, BLVK stands as an acclaimed producer of Premium E-Liquids, globally recognized for its excellence. Since its inception in 2016 by Ray, Wilson, & Kidd, BLVK has been committed to delivering an extraordinary vaping journey to customers worldwide through an array of flavorful product lines: BLVK, WYTE, FRZN, TBCO, SALT, and more.

Flavour Review of BLVK Unicorn E-liquids

1) BLVK Unicorn - Tobacco Caramel - Salt

BLVK Unicorn's Tobacco Caramel fusion intertwines a profound and smoky tobacco essence with opulent caramel notes, resulting in a delectable concoction tailored for your palate. Unlike typical dessert-like caramel tobacco blends, this rendition prioritises the robustness of tobacco, with the caramel undertone taking a more subdued role.

2) BLVK Unicorn - Mango - Salt 

BLVK Unicorn's Mango Nicotine Salt intertwines succulent, luscious mangoes with a gentle hint of menthol for a revitalising experience that awakens your senses and taste buds. It boasts a subtly sweet profile brimming with the essence of fully ripe mangoes.

3) BLVK - Lemon Berry Pie

Introducing the fresh range of 100 ml freebase flavours from BLVK Hundred. Discover Lemon Berry Pie, an exquisite bakery-inspired vape, fusing zesty lemons, tangy berries, and delicate pie crust in a synthetic nicotine concoction.