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Beard Vape Co

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Beard Vape Co distinguishes itself significantly within the realm of juice companies. Amidst an extensive array of eliquid brands, the prominent logo and bestselling flavours of Beard Vape Co unfailingly catch the eye. The company's journey began in March of 2014 within the confines of Nana's Vape Shop in Venice, California. It was here that two brothers, Brady Bates and Casey Bates, along with a dear friend, Colbey Pfund, recognized their potential to craft a product that matched the calibre of those they were already retailing.

Review of the Best Selling Beard Vape Co

1) Beard Vape Co The One Strawberry

Embrace the renowned blend of frosted donut cereal crowned by velvety strawberry milk in this e-juice from Beard Vape Co. Rediscover your passion for vaping with this remarkable creation. Rich and lusciously sweet, its pronounced flavours offer a delightful indulgence, whether enjoyed early in the morning or during the night hours.

2) Beard Vape Co The One Marshmallow Milk

Indulge in the singular fusion of The One Marshmallow Milk by Beard Vape Co, a creation that encapsulates the delicate character of a soft, airy marshmallow delicately sprinkled with a touch of cinnamon. This exquisite blend submerges within a pool of creamy, revitalising milk, culminating in a velvety, scarcely perceptible throat hit vape juice mixture that promises to deliver hours of pure delight to your taste receptors.

3) Beard Vape Co The Salty One Strawberry

With the initial inhalation of The Salty One Strawberry from Beard Vape Co, a genuinely lifelike fried doughnut essence unfolds. Within these billowing clouds, the interplay of a tangy strawberry sauce and sugary frosting becomes apparent. Upon exhaling, a harmonious amalgamation of fruit cereal and sweet milk emerges, seamlessly uniting these flavours into an irresistibly captivating mixture. For enthusiasts seeking a sophisticated and high-quality vaping experience, this intricately woven blend is a truly compelling choice.