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Bangsawan Liquid

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Bangsawan stands as a distinguished Malaysian premium brand situated in the northern region. Originating from the state of Kedah, they offer captivating fruit e-juices brimming with dense, lifelike fruit flavors. Immerse yourself in the authentic vaping experience provided by Bangsawan to gratify your vaping palate today.

Flavour Reviews of Bangsawan E-liquids

1) Bangsawan - Hazelnut Vanilla Hybrid Series - Salt 

Introducing Bangsawan's Hybrid Hazelnut Vanilla – a novel amalgamation in an all-in-one e-juice designed for your pod devices. This meticulously crafted blend incorporates layers of hazelnut, elegantly crowned with pristine white vanilla. The Bangsawan Hybrid Hazelnut Vanilla assures a velvety indulgence that will astonish you with its exquisite dessert flavor.

2) Bangsawan - Exotica Hybrid Series - Salt 

Presenting Bangsawan's Hybrid Exotica – an innovative fusion within an all-in-one e-juice crafted specifically for your pod devices. This artful blend interweaves creamy honeydew, succulent and sugary watermelon, accentuated by the vibrant note of pink guava. The Bangsawan Hybrid Exotica assures an invigorating experience that is sure to uplift your spirits. Infusing the goodness of melon with delightful pink guava aromas, this vape offers a splendid choice for any moment throughout the day.

3) Bangsawan - Green Reserve Majapahit Series - HTPC 

Bangsawan's Majapahit Green Reserve HTPC introduces a distinctive approach to meticulously crafted tobacco flavors, embellished with a twist. This HTPC blend presents an elevated tobacco taste, skillfully intertwined with hints of chocolate and coffee, creating a profound and luxurious flavor profile. Designed for enthusiasts of coffee-infused flavors, this HTPC e-juice offers a robust throat hit without overwhelming sweetness. The exhale of this HTPC treat is replete with aromatic notes, bearing a harmonious bittersweet interplay stemming from the chocolate and coffee elements.