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7 Daze

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Established back in 2013, 7 Daze™ blazed a trail in the alternative space. Today, 7 Daze's offerings are available across more than 100 countries globally. With its headquarters nestled in Ontario, California, the company boasts a cutting-edge manufacturing facility and contemporary office setup that mirrors our relentless pursuit of becoming the eminent leader in the alternative sphere. We're eagerly looking forward to welcoming you into our fold!

7 Daze products and flavour reviews

1) 7 Daze Egge 3000 Disposable Pod

Step into the spotlight with the latest innovation from 7 Daze – the 7 Daze EGGE Disposable Pod. Boasting a substantial 7.0ml e-liquid capacity (at 5% strength) and powered by a rechargeable 400mAh type-C battery, this sleek device delivers around 3,000 puffs of unadulterated delight. Built with a robust structure and top-notch craftsmanship, this charming disposable vape is not only durable but also exudes a sense of resilience that can last for weeks on end. Featuring cutting-edge mesh coils, the technology-packed EGGE ensures a consistent, top-tier flavour experience that's unique to the masterminds at 7 Daze.

2) 7 Daze - Apple Original Iced - Salt 

Crispy, sweet and sour, pure red apple juice. Reminiscent of your favourite boxed apple juice but with a minty blast, now in the form of nicotine salts. If you have not tried anything from 7 Daze, familiarise yourself with their signature pure apple juice flavour that catapulted their brand to be one of the best in the biz.

3) 7 Daze - Apple Original 

Juicy sweet and sour apple extracted from freshly squeezed crisp red apples. Get the legendary apple flavour from reds that has become the favourite of many with that great balance of sweet, sour and juicy apple taste that makes us coming back for more. Thirst quenching flavour with highly accurate flavour notes will leave you impressed at the quality from 7 Daze.