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6000 puff disposable pod

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Introducing the pinnacle of vaping satisfaction – our exceptional inventory of 6000 puff count disposable pods. Unlock a world of extended indulgence with each draw, eliminating the need for frequent recharges or refills. Whether you're an avid vaper or seeking a hassle-free experience, our high-capacity disposable pods offer an unbeatable solution. Experience consistent flavour and dependable performance from the first inhale to the last, all within a sleek and portable design. Elevate your vaping journey today with the convenience and endurance of our 6000 puff count disposable pod collection.

Review of the best selling 6000 puff disposable pod

1) Elf Bar TE 6000 Disposable pod

The ELF Bar TE 6000 stands as a unique offering within the Malaysian vape market, boasting an enhanced battery capacity that can be conveniently recharged. This device also presents the cherished selection of ELF BAR's beloved fruity flavours. Impressively discreet, it operates silently with no noise accompanying each inhalation. Its user-friendly nature makes it an ideal choice for newcomers, requiring no learning curve whatsoever.

2) King X 7500 Disposable Pod by LOST VAPE

Lost Vape presents the cutting-edge King X 7500 Disposable Pod, tailored for enthusiasts of the disposable format. Showcasing an impressive 18.0ml e-liquid capacity (at 5% strength) and powered by a rechargeable 650mAh type-C battery, this masterpiece provides around 7,500 puffs of pure delight. The innovative minds at Lost Vape have unveiled a fresh contender in the disposable market, offering a sleek futuristic design that unexpectedly boasts remarkable durability. The King X disposable pod possesses a robust build, seemingly capable of withstanding significant drops without compromising functionality. With an adjustable airflow system, it caters to a diverse range of vaping preferences, offering options from wide-open DTL to close MTL draws.

3) Vapetasia X Air 6,000 Disposable Pod

A dynamic partnership between Vapetasia and Air has birthed a remarkable fusion – uniting the excellence of our flavours with a highly sought-after device boasting an impressive 6000 puff count. This synergy presents an 11ml reservoir of ultra-smooth salt nicotine harmonising seamlessly with Vapetasia's iconic lineup of exceptional flavours, all at a strength of 5%. Equipped with a mesh coil, this collaboration delivers superior performance. Rechargeable through a type C connection (cable not included), it ensures convenience in power replenishment. For those who prefer a restrained level of sweetness, this blend caters perfectly to your taste.