Milky Moo

Milky Moo Milk Chiller

Weight: 90g
Punk Juice Guarantee

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We sourced this special Milky Moo Milk Chiller because we think you will love its smoothness, low sweetness and creamy exhale. Milk chiller tastes of tablespoons of condensed milk mixed with a peppermint chill on the exhale. It reminds us a lot of after dinner mints. The peppermint chill is a medium level and you will find that the chill effect instantly disappears on the exhale, which makes it easy to chain-vape. You’ll be surprised at how smooth this tastes and is guaranteed to have you re-wicking fast! If you think that Malaysian brands can’t make good creamy juices, think again! 

60vg40pg, Mild throat hit, Low Sweetness