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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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See this all new iteration of disposable device by Lost Vape. Coming hot on the heels from the popular King X model, this is the all new King Z model. 

This is a new concept in the world of disposable pods. You purchase a starter kit on the first time (starter kit comes with 1 battery and 1 flavour cartridge). You keep the body which contains the battery. Then later, you only purchase a flavour cartridge (flavour cartridge is cheaper, and you clip it on to your starter kit battery). 


  • 18ml of salt nicotine 
  • 5% strength
  • Long lasting battery of 650mah (Type-C Rechargeable)
  • Adjustable airflow at the side of the device to customise your preferred cloud production.
  • Solid build quality with a futuristic rectangular shape


  • Less environmental electronic waste. You keep the body containing the battery. Only change the flavour cartridge once finished.
  • Cheaper in the long run if you like to vape mostly disposables.
  • Better for the factories as they are able to ensure higher quality control on the batteries (fewer dead battery problems).
  • Mix and match colours

Note: Disposable pod purchases must not be combined with purchases of any e-liquid or nicotine salts. Please purchase King Z by Lost Vape Disposable Pod separately in a separate order from all liquids. This is due to international battery regulations. 

Kindly note that there are NO returns, replacement or exchanges on disposable vape devices for any reason, defective or otherwise.

Flavour Description of King Z by Lost Vape 8,500

White Velvet Cake

A delicate white chocolate and sweetish dessert with milky undertones. Vape away your stress with this amazing fluffy cake flavour.

Honeydew Ice Cream

A perfectly sweet and aromatic honeydew with a nice creamy base and an icy layer to serve as an appetizing fruit delight. Vape away on this you will not regret the honeydew taste at all.

Mango Grape

Table grapes with that signature juicy ripeness are combined with yellow mangoes to let you inhale a wonderfully bold flavours.

Aloe Blackcurrant

Aloe Vera adds an extra dimension of juiciness to the sweet and sour blackcurrants. Inhale and exhale away your stresses with this one.

Strawberry Watermelon

The classic combination of sweet strawberries and crunchy watermelons to make it into this vape.

Apple Strawberry Peach

Crisp and golden apple juice mixes so well with fruity and aromatic peaches and strawberry notes.

Mango Yakult

Yakult is the famous sourish creamy drink and this version is mixed with nice sweet mangoes. Something like a mango lassi.

Strawberry Mango

A handful of strawberries blended with fresh mango makes a great fruity combination that is perfectly suited to the tongues of mango lovers. It just makes life more interesting.