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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Cloud Niners - Grape - 60ml

Nic Strength

When we open up this bottle of Cloud Niners Grape, we immediately smell the familiar aroma of juicy grapes. It smells like grape cordial or grape juice, the type that you would find at the supermarket. Instantly, we feel that it’s a nostalgic flavor that is recognisable and common enough to us that it makes us start to salivate in anticipation.

When we drip Cloud Niners Grape into our empty tank and take a nice long drag, the flavor here is nice and clean. We taste a smooth grape cordial or grape juice flavor that is mildly sweet. It’s like a mixture of grape flavors that are going on in here that’s pleasant and fruity. On the cooling notes, we feel that it is present but extremely low. This is clearly a vape for those that like a light and airy vaping experience. The grape aroma on the exhale is gentle and aromatic and clearly, our room smells of grapes. 

Cloud Niners Grape is clearly designed for those that are looking for a grape cordial flavor that is light and gentle tasting but aromatic. With very low sweetness, low cooling notes and a light throat hit, it is perfect for a light and airy vaping experience that is gentle on your tongue and nostrils.

Cloud Niners is brought to you by Vape Sauce. Being a common sight in many reputable vape shops across Malaysia, it’s no accident that Cloud Niners has been accepted with acclaim by many vapers.


    • 30%PG / 70%VG
    • Primary Flavors: Grape