WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Cloud Niners

Cloud Niners Creamy Mango 60ML

Cloud Niners version of the tropics in one awesome bottle! In this instance, soft sun-kissed mangoes are warmed by the equators sun and gently ripened in the breeze. Fresh sweet mangoes, full with juice, begging for a chance to carry you to a wonderful world of lush sweet flavor. And last of all, a hint of cream adds another dimension to the lush sweetness and a longing for the islands, wrapped perfectly in every puff! Cloud Niners Creamy Mango slams down the fruit vape scene with this incredible flavor, and allows you to conquer your fruit cravings in all your puffy clouds!

Treat your vape taste buds to an exotic journey as you chase clouds that both taste and smell out of this world! This eliquid masterfully crafts mangoes  in one wickedly yummy flavor! Let this flavor zap you to a vape paradise where sweet fruits and pillowy clouds collide!


CLOUD NINERS | Brand Description

Cloud Niners are one of the biggest and most reputable brands in the Malaysian vaping industry. From the master brewers of Vape Sauce, the Cloud Niners brand of high quality premium eliquid started in 30ml glass bottles before progressing to 60ml custom white bottles over time. Inspired by graffiti street art, their creations aim to excite, please and captivate vapers across the globe. Being a common sight in many reputable vape shops across Malaysia, it’s no accident that Cloud Niners has been accepted with acclaim by many vapers. Try their popular flavours like creamy cookies, creamy mango, creamy melon and more.


What's Included:

  • 1 x 60ml Bottle of Cloud Niners Creamy Mango e-liquid

Specs & Features

  • 30%PG / 70%VG
  • Primary Flavors: Mango & Cream

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