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Why Us?

Why buy Malaysian e Juice?

Why buy Malaysian e liquid? Malaysia is blessed with talented brewers with a long history of brewing and manufacturing e juices for the domestic vaping scene. Inspiration for vaping flavors are never too far away as Malaysia is blessed with diversity and variety of flavors from the cuisine of the three dominant ethnic groups - namely the Malays, Chinese and Indian communities that make up a large percentage of the population. Being a country located right on the equator, the country is also blessed with tropical weather that allows us to grow and consume all kinds of delicious tropical fruits. In our opinion, our strength in e juices are definitely in the fruity and beverage categories with creamy and dessert flavored e juices quickly catching up. Furthermore, Malaysians also have a very open and welcoming attitude towards foreign cultures and influences (think streetwear, music, etc) which then influences our design and branding aesthetics, style and feel. We truly believe that Malaysian e juice brewers make something for everyone. 

If you have been to Malaysia, you will see that vaping is slowly but surely overtaking smoking with thousands of people making the switch. Since e liquids in Malaysia are easy to get, vape stores have no problems stocking all kinds of flavors to ensure there is something for everyone. Since as early as 2010, Malaysian brewers have been exporting Malaysian e juice and e shisha liquid to all over the world namely to the United Kingdom and Europe, Middle East, South-East Asia and the Americas. 

Punkjuice brings you Malaysian e liquid securely, affordably and fast via express shipping. Through our vape online store in Malaysia, we run a warehouse with a dedicated team of individuals to fulfill your orders. If you’re looking for a vape online store in Malaysia or browsing online for e liquids, why not try e liquids from malaysia today?