Editor's Choice of Top EJuices

Updated on 10 May 2020, here are some of the top picks of nicotine salts and freebase ejuices by our staff at Punk Juice Vape Store. Checkout our latest coupon codes to claim a discount on your first order with us.

Recommendations for Nicotine Salts (Fruity)

1. Fcukin Flava Philippines Mango (Made in Malaysia)

You gotta love the mixed mango flavors here that shine with tropical notes of pineapples, lychee and other fruits (it’s just a guess, they won’t tell us). While the mango flavor is easily identifiable, the other combination flavors make this really interesting and keeps you guessing as you vape away. The low mint in this recipe is present but isn’t at all overpowering. Just perfect. 








2. Pacha Mama Fuji (Made in USA)

An elixir for your pods, Pacha Mama Fuji expertly manipulates crisp fuji apples to mingle with juicy strawberries and tangerines in this divine fruity recipe. A vaping experience to give you lots of delicious fruity vibes. Your brain can probably pick out the apple flavor but the other 2 flavors in this blend takes some guesswork. The unexpected fruit combination is what makes this nice to vape. 








3.Pacha Mama Sorbet (Made in USA)

A scoop of italian sorbet and sour lemonades and raspberries presents a sweet sour combination for your pods. Sweet sour flavors are easier on your nasal passageway as its lightness gives some time-out to your senses if you have been vaping heavier flavors. A pleasing sourness makes this mouth-puckering indeed.


Recommendations for Nicotine Salts (Creamy)



1. Fcukin Flava Cinnamon Roll (Made in Malaysia)

The baked and bready flavors here are strong with sensational caramel and brown sugar base. The cinnamon notes cuts through everything and really gives this nicotine salt an added lift. It really tastes like a real cinnamon roll and we love this creation by Fcukin Flava.


2. The Finest Tiramisu Custard (Made in USA)

For a gourmet and elegant vape, Tiramisu Custard by The Finest is to die for! Combining your classic espresso flavors with a vanilla custard base may sound sweet, but we detect no overpowering or heavy sweetness in this recipe. It’s a nicotine salt that is defined by a it’s lightness in vaping but still tasting like a dessert. We love this and highly recommend it.

3. Solace Vapor Vanilla Bean (Made in USA)

Ah...the pure taste of white, pure and simple vanilla ice cream is just classic. Time honoured and natural, we like this flavor by Solace Vapor because it keeps things simple. It tastes like a homemade speciality, low in artificial sweeteners and easy on the nostrils. It’s pure and wonderfully white vanilla taste makes it easy to take a long satisfying drag from your pod device.


Recommendations for Freebase Vape Juice (Fruits)

1. Nasty Slow Blow (Made in Malaysia)

Nasty Salt Slow Blow fuses the realistic taste of canned pineapple rings with the tanginess of lime zest to deliver an acidic, sweet-sour vaping experience that will blow your mind. Never before have we had our minds blown with the perfect combination of tropical fruits. The pineapple flavor inhales very well with its weightless feel that makes it gratifying upon each inhale. The lime zest flavor is also lightweight on the tongue but highly aromatic. The combination of flavors crystallizes into a dazzling tropical experience. The crystal clear and natural flavors are also combined with a hint of Nasty’s signature bubbly soda recipe to make this quench your thirst. 

2. CloudyOFunky (C.O.F) Bubblegum Queen Watermelon (Made in Malaysia)

C.O.F Bubblegum Queen Watermelon is a favorite among many Malaysians and craved for its realistic gooey and sweetish bubblegum flavor. A creation unlike any other, you get the bright, pink bubblegum retro flavors mixed in with the light taste of watermelons. Blow out large, ever expanding clouds from your vape device with this flavor. Featuring a very low mint recipe, you can customize your cooling level by adding more from the included 5ml of koolada sent with every purchase. 


Recommendations for Freebase Vape Juice (Creamy)

1. Bangsawan Banana Chocolate (Made in Malaysia)

We love the gooey chocolate and fragrant banana mix in this blend. While being quite high in sweetness, we find the chocolate flavors to be lightweight and easy to vape. It’s got a chocolate mousse type of character which works well on our 0.25ohm dual coil setup. The banana on the other hand is more obvious on the exhale, adding more fragrance to the exhale experience.


2. ASAP Juice Caramel Churros (Made in Malaysia)

Picture a crunchy, deep fried stick of dough drizzled with caramel and a light dusting of cinnamon sugar. This is what ASAP Juice Caramel Churros delivers with this dessert ejuice. With a nice donut base, the cinnamon flavor is sharp and present and lifts up this dessert ejuice to make it perfect after a heavy dinner. It cuts through any heavy flavors present in your mouth as you vape away on this classic combination recipe.

3. NKD 100 Azul Berries (Made in USA)

NKD Azul Berries presents a light tasting and easy to vape recipe consisting of a good dose of NKD’s light whipped cream folded with blueberries. Delicate and white vanilla cream with a simple touch of glossy blue raspberries make this truly enjoyable. We feel that this is an extremely light vaping experience that is easy on the tongue and mouth with its characteristically low sweetness profile. You can vape this on higher power settings on your mod and still enjoy it without destroying your coils.