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May 17, 2019 5 min read

written by Harris (@punkjuicenow

In this article, we go through the line-up on offer by another Malaysian eliquid brewer - Binjai Juice. If you have tried other famous Malaysian eliquids from brands like Nasty Juice or Fcukin Flava, Binjai Juice should be on your list too.

All juices are tested on ~0.5ohm (24 gauge kanthal, 4 wraps each), double coil RDTA. We only review their fruity based flavors as we feel that this is their strength.

You can find binjai juice on Instagram here: binjai_juice.

First of all, we take a look at the the Binjai Ice series is all about high menthol and high icy exhale. These will definitely freeze your throat!


1. Binjai Ice Green Apple Grape

Intense green apple flavor like Granny Smith apple but with a hint of grape for that mixed fruit vibe. The icy finish is powerful. The sweetness is high but is covered up by the icy finish so it doesn’t taste overly disgustingly sweet. Definitely for vapers that like an icy cool vape.

* * *

2. Binjai Ice Lemonade Strawberry

The intense icy exhale is strong. The lemonade fizz is easily identifiable. The lemon flavor is mellow because its mixed in with the strawberry. I would say the strawberry flavor is not as obvious and clearly identifiable. It’s more of a sourish berries taste that you get. In terms or the aroma, you definitely get sour lemons.

* * *

3. Binjai Ice Manggo Honeydew

 Super cool mango is what hits me first. The honeydew is far in the background and is nothing like honeydew dash where its at the forefront. I think the honeydew makes it a bit creamy and a bit more juicy but really - all u taste is mostly mango.

* * *

Next we take a look at the ‘regular’ Binjai Juice line-up with a medium cooling note that is less icy on the exhale compared to Binjai Ice.

4. Binjai Juice Zapple Zess


Tastes just like the zapple carbonated soda by F&N. You get intense red apples with a sourish tang on the first puff. This is just as sweet as their other juices (very sweet!) with a cold icy and menthol exhale.

* * *

5. Binjai Juice Mango Lime


A twisted mango flavor with the addition of lime zest. Very unique and unlike any mango we’ve ever had. The lime zest here is pretty powerful...it’s not a sweet lime or a candy lime but rather lime zest. So you get an intense lime sourness that’s deep and aromatic and reminds me a little of lime sour plum. Definitely the most unique fruity finds and one of our favourites. Mango will never be the same again after trying this. The ice finish on this is a medium.

* * *

6. Binjai Juice Grapest

Tastes like a tall glass of frozen grapejuice. The cooling notes here will satisfy you if you’re feeling heaty or in the mood for something really cold.

* * *

7. Binjai Juice Mango Blackcurrant

The blackcurrant is very close to the blackcurrant used in their ribena ice recipe. Only difference is the addition of mango. You get the aroma of both. Its well balanced and I can taste both flavors pretty clearly. High sweetness and low cooling. 

* * *

8. Binjai Juice Sweet Mango

Sweet mango is very similar to manggo lime but minus the lime. Its the same mango flavor - full and juicy ripe yellow mangoes. The icy finish here is medium, not as cold as their Binjai Ice series but not weak either. This is simple mango that is quite common in the Malaysian vape scene.


* * *

Lastly, we taste their Binjai XL line-up which has a little more juice per bottle (65ml vs 50ml). These are pretty high menthol and quite icy on the exhale, similar to their Binjai Ice line-up.

9. Binjai XL Honeydew Dash

As expected this tastes like honeydew, this juice is bluish green with a strong icy finish. The honeydew is not as succulent as others we have tried (like fcukin munkey by fcukin flava) but it’s still good nonetheless. The sweetness is high but is covered well by the icy and menthol finish.

* * *

10. Binjai XL Strawpeach


On first puff you will instantly recognise juicy orange and yellow peaches. The strawberry is mostly on the exhale becoz you get a tingling sourish vibe to this. The aroma on the exhale is definitely leaning more towards peaches. High icy finish with high sweetness.

* * *

11. Binjai XL Pink Berry

The easily identifiable taste of pink guava. You get that fresh and fruity pink guava notes for sure. High sweetness and medium ice on the exhale. A clear and easy flavor to vape.

* * *

12. Binjai XL Ribena Ice

A chilly blackcurrant ribena. Exactly as the infamous blackcurrant drink. Simple and straightforward and totally non-complex. U get some blackcurrant gummy aftertaste to boot on top the the icy finish.

* * *

Conclusion and top 5 recommendations for Binjai Juice

After my testing, I would say that most of Binjai Juice’s fruity collection are simple and straightforward flavors as described.They stay away from complicating their flavors and making it too complex by adding in too many layers. They are clearly catering for those vapors that prefer simple clean flavors but with an icy cool finish. Although I find that the sweetness level is high, I don’t taste it as much because its covered by the menthol and cooling notes that mute the sweetness levels. So if you want something for the hot summer weather, we can easily recommend something cool and icy from Binjai Juice.

Here are my top 5 recommendations for Binjai Juice:

Most Favourite to Least Favourite


Sweetness and Cooling Level

Easily identifiable flavors?

Key characteristic


Binjai Juice Mango Lime

High Sweetness and Medium Cooling


The lime zest in this is very addictive and really lifts and enhances the mango flavor. Simply amazing!


Binjai Ice Lemonade Strawberry

High Sweetness and High Cooling


Truly sourish lemonade that fizzes in your mouth and icy on the exhale. Extreme refreshment


Binjai XL Pink Berry

High Sweetness and Medium Cooling


Superb pink guava flavor that’s sweet and cool on the exhale. Succulent and very tasty.


Binjai Juice Zapple Zess

High Sweetness and  Medium Cooling


Sour red apples. The sourish tang here is the element that gets me hooked.


Binjai XL Ribena Ice

High Sweetness and High Cooling


Really cold ribena blackcurrant juice. Just like the concentrate. A timeless classic

While they don’t have the loudest or greatest packaging compared to other Malaysian vape juice brands, they certainly have big flavors in their creations.

If you already make frequent stock ups on Malaysian juices like Nasty Juice and Fcukin Flava, Binjai Juice should be the next one for you to try! It will not disappoint!

At Punk Juice, we’re committed to bringing the best of the best Malaysian juices to your doorstep. Sign up for our email list and stand to win 10% off, 15% off, 50% off or even a mysterybox!

View the entire collection of Binjai Juice here

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